Surviving a girls weekend!

Let me start off this post with a picture of my two weekend companions…

Yes, I had a girls weekend with Ms. A and her Bestie.

No fun adult drinks, mani and pedicures, masages, or fancy restaurants. Yep, this weekend was full of dancing, waiting around while others danced, snacking of junk food, swimming in an over chlorinated pool, and eating the healthiest fast food possible.

This was the weekend we traveled to Pittsburgh for an “On Stage New York” dance competition. Ms. A has been in poor spirits about the competition. She is smart enough to realize you can only score what your poorest dancer in the group can achieve. With this in mind, I gave her a quick pep talk about trying your best, what a great learning experience, blah..blah…blah. She didn’t buy it. I really don’t blame her.

So…what have I learned about taking a road trip with two “almost” ten year olds. By all means, don’t think that they can be navigators. I have no idea what I was thinking when I assumed they would be able to direct me to our location. I am laughing about it now…..but I was just a little white knuckled when driving a few days ago. For those who are not familiar with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it is quite a large city among hills and is impossible to navigate for ten year olds. At least, that’s my opinion.

After a few turn arounds and a two hour drive turn into a three, we made it to the dance center.


We still had plenty of time to get ready, so we decided to take in a few performances. I enjoy ballet, tap, jazz, and even acro (a type of freestyle dancing with heavy influences of gymnastics). BUT….I can’t stand Hip Hop. Ms. A knows not to ever ask me to try this genera of dance. Here are these little girls dressed up as gangsters with serious attitudes, gyrating on stage.

Never in a million years would I allow this! I am sure some feel it’s a form of expression. I see it as a display of disrespect and anger. Not at all age appropriate.

Anyhow, after a few of those performances, I had a slight headache coming on. But wait….it only got better….in this competition they allow singing…..I was at my breaking point listening to some of these acts. When there was a pause between acts, I grabbed the girls and literally ran for the dressing room.

Being an expert at side buns, I’ll try to post my accreditation soon, I got Ms. A ready with time to spare. The moms of the group then tried to get girls to practice before the performance. The little ones in the group were just being silly and Ms. A started rolling her eyes. I did a quick whisper of don’t worry about it and just do your best.


Ms. A is third from the left…as you can see she is the second oldest in the group. I have learned there is a big difference between girls who are 8 and those that are 10.

They did a little better this time. Scoring a High Silver (the ratings are silver,high silver,gold, high gold, platinum).


Eight hours of watching can really wear you out and we were happy to head to the hotel. This time I reviewed my map-quest directions and had the girls read out each step. We managed….but I am getting a GPS next trip!

The girls and I had a quick dinner at a very overpriced restaurant located in the hotel….I didn’t have enough courage to get back in the car and drive around searching for a place to eat.



We then headed to the pool.

You have to love hotel pools. You can find them by following the fumes of the chlorine. The girls meet up with some other team members and had a great time. Screaming and splashing like a bunch of wild people. We, parents, were trying to stay dry and not get overwhelmed by the chlorine. When my eyes started to swell shut, I gave them the five minute warning and we were off to our room for showers and bed.


The girls were exhausted, along with me. I think I fell asleep when my head hit the pillow. They probably giggled the night away.

The next morning while I was packing up the girls asked if they could go to the garden. I am such a mother hen, but this time I said OK. I gave them the key, told them to stick together, and not to talk to strangers…..a few minutes later I get a call on my cell phone….Ms. A has just gotten her own phone and loves to call me with updates.

Look out the window she tells me.


There are the maniacs, waving away, having great fun!

Our trip is slowly creeping to the end. The big finish to our girls weekend was a stop in the IKEA store. We don’t have one around our neck of the woods, so we were very excited. I had done some online shopping and knew what I was looking for. Ms. A and Bestie had some spending money, so they were game. After a fun morning of shopping, we loaded up the car and decided to head for home. This time I put the direction in my iPhone and told the girls their navigation services were no longer required.

I asked the girls what the best part of the girls weekend was. They replied swimming in the pool and playing in the garden. They then asked me what I liked…..

I reflected on it….This being the first time in my life that I went on an overnight adventure to a place I had never been before…without another adult to back me up….I made it safely to all locations…..had packed all the necessities…was able to time manage correctly….was able to feed all of us….provide shelter…..and entertainment….and make it back home.

I answered….being with you two!



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3 responses to “Surviving a girls weekend!

  1. sleuthsisters

    I can’t believe Clifford doesn’t have a built in GPS. What were you thinking?? I am jealous about Ikea but I am going this weekend so I can’t complain much. You are getting great at dance hair & makeup!

  2. What a wonderful account of your adventurous trip! Congratulations on the High Silver.

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