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Oh, the teacher gift!

School is out for Mr. D.

He, of course, gifted his two teachers with some planters he had planted. They were happy to receive them and they turned out nice. He picked out blue planter dishes, his favorite color, and selected the “scariest” looking plants in the greenhouse. I guess it beats getting teacher mugs and “apple” stuff every year.

Ms. A has a few more days still to go. So, in preparation for the last day, I asked her if she was interested in giving her teacher a gift. You never know when kids will start thinking that it’s not the cool thing to do anymore. She said yes and asked me to find a stuffed hippo for her teacher. I looked at her like she was crazy. First off, where would I find a stuffed hippo and why would I purchase a gift when there are racks of potential gifts sitting in the greenhouse. She then tells me that her teacher doesn’t do plants. I questioned her, since her assigned teacher is the science teacher. Ms. A insisted that her teacher has killed her Christmas planter and she did not want her teacher to be responsible for the death of another innocent plant.

A bit dramatic I thought, but it was her teacher.

I told her that she then needed to go to the gift closet….yes, I have a closet that has a stockpile of gifts. You know, the things you find on super sale and are kind of generic in nature. I once had a great deal on travel mugs and it seemed like everyone got a mug that Christmas. Currently there is a large selection of Yankee Candles. I hit a huge sale with coupon and buy one get one free deal.

In conclusion, Ms. A will be gifting an apple candle to her teacher. I cringe at the apple theme, but at least it is a great smelling candle.




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Paperwork, ugh!

I have been up to my eyeballs in paperwork. But it’s the kind of paperwork that you can’t just sit down and crank it out. No, it’s the type you need to get a signature, or notarized, or a specific original copy of something that you need to dig for……It’s that kind of paperwork.

I finally got my I-800a forms done and all the other required information copied that needs to go along with it, and lets not forget the money order. My passport finally came in the mail…phew! So now I can start on my visa applications for China, one for each person in the family…. They look like tons of fun. Thank goodness they are at least in English.

Since I have the workbook open, I thought I would share one of the list that was included. I find some of the items outdated and I can use my IPhone and knock off a couple things from the list.

Adult Items:
Bug Spray
Calling card
Cameras, film, batteries, chargers
Lead-lined film bag
Portable alarm clock
Hand-held tape recorder
Voltage converter
Sturdy walking shoes
Portable umbrella
Slippers or flip flops
Money belt
1 day pack, 1 diaper bag
Dish/laundry soap
Clothes pins
Neck support
Saline nasal spray, eye drops
Hand cleaner
Wet naps
Powdered Gatorade
Prescription medicines
Small first aid kit
Imodium, cold medicine, pepto bismol, Tylenol
Can opener
Ziploc bags
Comfort foods
Gifts for care givers

This is the first list in the workbook. They have a list of all the documents that you need, all the baby things, a list of all the money you need to pay while there, a list of vaccinations you must have, and luggage requirements.

Although this list looks extensive, I feel it’s lacking some important information. For example…do I bother bringing my own shampoo and soap or does the hotel provide? What about toilet paper? I have heard that they don’t provide any. What do they really mean by comfort food?

I think this requires a call to the agency for some clarification.

I would love any hints or advice if you have any. Just post them in the comment section. Thanks!


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She loves horses!

Our new Saturday morning routine…


Riding our bikes down the street to Ms. A’s first job. Yes, she got herself a job. A non paying one of course. Ms. A introduced herself to our new neighbor. She was taking her horse for a ride down our street and Ms. A concocted a plan. My clever daughter worked out a deal with this wonderful lady. She would come work in her barn and learn how to take care of her horses in exchange for lessons. Her new teacher has three teenage boys who show no interest in horses, so she was game.

Not bad for a ten year old.

Ms. A has taken riding lessons before at the local barn, but never saw the work and responsibility involved with owning a horse. Not only is there a huge cost involved with horse ownership, it’s a lot of work. Lots of dirty work. And if she puts the effort in, she gets the reward of riding.

Hubby and I agreed with the plan and the deal was made.



Blueberry and Wilbur are two beautiful horses….and every Saturday they will get some extra love from a horse crazy girl.

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Guess what came in the mail!

Hubby came home from work tonight and did his routine stop at the mailbox. Usually it’s full of bills, circulars, and junk mail. Not today…..


Yes, that right….. OUR TRAVEL WORKBOOK!!!!!!!!

This is our first information packet from our adoption agency. After putting the kids to bed, I promptly read it from front to back. Lots of forms that need to be filled out and paperwork to be organized, but also some fun stuff. They had a general itinerary of how the trip would look like, a list of care package ideas to send to the orphanage, and a list of things to pack for us and the BABY!!

Yeah!! I get to start organizing the things we need for our trip to China. I may be jumping the gun, but I am so so so so excited. Now, I get to explore the baby aisle at our local Baby’s R Us and buy something for us!!!! Bottles, diapers, creams, formula, and let’s not forget cute little outfits.

I went online to check my passport status. It’s amazing what you can do online nowadays. It stated that I should be seeing my new passport next week. That’s a good thing, because I need to send it out to get a visa for China.

Time to get my paperwork filled out and organized!!!!


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I can’t hear you!

Mr. D has very sensitive ears. Movies, live shows, fireworks, concerts, or anything of that sort use to be a melt down waiting to happen. I remember being at a kid’s concert with three year old Mr. D on my lap with my hands covering his ears and eyes during the entire show…. And it seemed like every event and activity we did as a family, involved noises that were just to loud.  It took me awhile, but I finally discovered a solution….


Last year Hubby went all out on a fireworks display for an end of the summer party. He actually has fireworks for all our parties. This usually caused Mr.D to run for cover in the house. However, he really wanted to stay out with the big kids. The turmoil it caused him just broke my heart.  I then remembered Hubby’s ear muff for when he rides his lawn tractor. They worked like a charm.

To bad they were oversized for an adult and smelled like gasoline.

In preparation for our Disney trip this summer, plus the beginning of fireworks season, I decided to get him his very own. They are black, non smelly, not to obvious, and a perfect fit. These ear muffs will allow him to enjoy all the activities we do, without the stress of hearing the loud noises.

If only everything would be so simple to solve.


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Oh my, it’s green!

Why is it, every time a beautiful holiday weekend approaches I wake up to find this.


The money pit…oh, I mean the pool…..decided to grow some algae. It has the beautiful hue of Mt. Dew. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to drink Mt. Dew, but not swim in it. An 8 am call to my favorite pool guy and problem solved. At least I think. He diagnosed the issue over the phone, saving us a service call and a hefty fee. We have an algae problem, yellow algae to be specific. Pool guy gave me clear directions on how to solve the problem and a list of products to purchase. You have to love guys like that!

Since the pool store didn’t open till ten, I quickly dug in my laundry room for some Clorox and dumped two jugs in, to get the sanitizing started. I then started up the robot pool cleaner and pool filter. Still in my night gown, I began the tedious task of brushing down the sides.

At ten, Mr. D and I, headed off to the pool store with our water sample and a list of things I needed to purchase. The first store, yes first, did not have the chemicals I needed. They attempted to sell me some other products and I was sooo tempted, but I refused and left empty handed. We then map quested a second pool store and headed out on a road trip for pool chemicals.

Two hours later, I was able to get all the needed products and start working. Literally it was like a science project gone bad. I had to raise the PH with soda ash. Don’t ask me why or how. I just followed the directions given to me…..The pool turned cloudy grey before my very eyes. Then I needed to wait thirty minutes to add this product called Yellow Out. It had tons of warning labels on it, so I was a bit nervous. I sprinkled in two pounds of it and then had to wait five minutes. At exactly five minutes, I then threw in two pounds of shock.

My pool started foaming. It was amazing to watch. I hoped that this was the desired effect, because there was no stopping it now!

Three hours later…..


I still need to brush the sides down, vacuum the bottom, and do two more shock treatments…but I think I solved it…..I better have…..we are having a huge pool party on Sunday and people expect water to look blue.

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Adoption update for May

Rumors are flying….they say China has matched up seven days this month!!!

China is matched till September 11, 2006

Our LID is September 22, 2006

Only 11 days to go! We are getting EXCITED!!!!!


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