I just love our social worker!

I never thought we would have our very own social worker, but we do. We have been working with our SW for six years now and will still work with her for five years after placement. Yesterday, she came by the house to renew our home study and to get us on track with the new forms we need to fill out.

We have officially run out of renewals on our I-600 form and had to switch to I-800a form. I didn’t think this was going to be such a big deal until she said “let’s talk about your training.”


Yes, Hubby and I have to take a ten hour parenting course. He is not happy about this. He is actually a little bit more than just unhappy about it.  There is nothing we can do about this requirement, so I am just accepting it as one more little hurdle to get over.   Who knows, there might be something useful within this ten hours that I might be able to use. You would think that there would be some credit towards the ten hours for parents with children, but no such luck.

So…I now have to take a class and pass the test….then present my diploma to my SW so that she can complete my home study.

Other than that, we passed with flying colors.  Completed the house inspection (Mr. D gave the tour, he made a point of even showing the closets), the kids got interviewed (I had to pull Ms. A out of dance class, she was not happy), medical and financial questions answered, references approved, child abuse clearance done, fingerprints done, passports checked, marriage certificate checked. The only thing I didn’t remember to do, was acquire Nala’s shot records (thank goodness she behaved and didn’t jump on anyone).

Today I am going to run out to the vet to have her records faxed over and then get a new passport picture. My passport expires in August. I don’t want a silly thing like that holding us up.

Check and double check….that should be the motto of anyone who is doing paperwork for an adoption.



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4 responses to “I just love our social worker!

  1. I hear you on the training – we went thru the same thing and thought “but, we are already parenting…why do we need more training?!”

    Your attitude is great though. And, believe it or not, we did pick up a few great tips.

    For “conspicuous families”, one of the best things we learned was to always walk with a picture of you and your kid on your phone or in your wallet…especially for that day when he/she decides to throw a tantrum at the mall and scream “You’re not my mother!”. You can show to skepitcal security card that yes, Little Miss/Mr. Smarty Pants is all yours. 😉

  2. Jim

    I agree that your social worker is awesome. She was for us too. I just wish you didn’t have to covert to the i800a. It just doesn’t seem right. Can’t we write our congressmen about this!

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