Double Birthday Fun!



Once again we pulled off another great Double Birthday Party! I never realized how lucky I was to have both kids born just a few days apart. This of course means I only have to organize one huge family bash. Not only do I get away with only doing one party a year, I also get away with it always being the same theme.


We had our cousins come up from Columbus, Grandma & Poppy from Florida, Oma & Opa, Nonny & Papa Don, Aunts & their one crazy Uncle, and our dear family friends join the fun. The kids get along well with each other and just have tons of fun in the pool. Us, grown ups, enjoy some drinks and BBQ while the kids splash away.

Life is good!

The weather was beautiful, food was yummy (we had Old Carolina BBQ), and the kids got spoiled!

One of their favorite gifts…..

Ugly Dolls!

The kids are tuckered out from all the excitement of the day. Mommy and Daddy are too. I think I will leave the dishes and most of the clean up for tomorrow. Right now, I am just going to enjoy the quiet with Hubby under the big full moon.



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4 responses to “Double Birthday Fun!

  1. Lucky! I wish I could pull that off lol
    We have May, September and December… not even close!

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