Shoe Talk

Let’s talk about kids shoes.  Ms. A has had her eyes on a very special pair of shoes.  I told her that if she wanted them so much she better start saving.  Well, guess what…..she got some birthday money and good grade money.  All that money was burning a hole in her pocket.

We were out and about yesterday and I had to run into my favorite shoe store “Lucky’s” to birthday shop for a purse for my niece.  This shoe store has an amazing selection of Vera Bradley purses.  I was on a quest to find a purple hipster for my niece.  Ms. A had her own agenda in mind.

Yes……while I was looking through the vast selection of purses and accessories, she asked the sales clerk if she could try on a pair.   Boy did she have some luck.  She was still considered a kid size and could try on that version, versus the adult.

What so great about that, you ask?

Well, the kid’s cost is $55 and the adult’s cost around $100.

She walked around the store a few times.  Took them off and put them back on.  She debated on what else she could use that money for.   I don’t think I had ever seen her so indecisive, but when you are spending your own money, you do put some more thought into it.

She finally came to a decision.   I think the $6 coupon that the sales clerk offered her sealed the deal.



They are called “five fingers” and they are suppose to be like being bare foot.   She is over the moon about them.  This morning she had them on ready for school, but saw the rain and decided to save them for a sunny day.

Hubby and I are big believers in good shoes.  With his flat feet and Mr. D orthopedic issues, it is the only way to go in our house.  The kids always have at least two pairs of good shoes.  One pair of  running shoes and one dresser type.  For the summer they always get a pair of “Keen” sandals.  They are like a running shoe – sandal mix.  They have great support, the toe is protected, and they can go in the water.  I can clean them by hosing them off in the sink. It’s the only pair of shoes they wear all summer long.


I like the “Keen” brand so much that Ms. A has two other styles that she wears.


Mr. D is out of his ankle stabilizers, so that makes shoe shopping so much easier.  He currently had a pair of  “Stride Rite”  boots that work well for him.  Of course we rip out the insoles of every pair of his shoes and place his ortho in them.


These are his beloved running shoes.  Currently they are water logged from puddle jumping. I am trying the newspaper trick to get the water out.  Those are “Geox” and came highly recommended to us.  He seems to do well in these and there is an even wear pattern on his sole.


Shoes… have to love them.  Just wait till you see my collection!



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  1. Amazing shoes! I love the foot/toes design.

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