Planters for Mom



I have been back in the green house digging in my dirt and creating planters….I missed my green house plants….. I didn’t realize how long I had been absent from them.

There were a few request for planters for the upcoming Mother’s Day, so I did about three late nights this week. I managed to complete about twenty new planters and then spend some time on reworking – replanting some that were already done. Whenever I get into a planting mode, every surface in our home (that is Nala safe) has a planter. They take on a whole different appearance when they get put in a home environment, versus the racks in the green house.

I was able to do a delivery this week to our local bank. The banker that started my small business account is a big supporter of “My Little Green Thumb”.  He always puts in an order for every holiday and tells me to bring extra planters to the bank when I deliver his planter. He manages to sell off every last one of them to his co-workers. I really need to start cutting him a commission check.

Overall, I love my little business, but…… I just can’t seem to make a success out of it. I made the hard decision to take down the internet store. The running cost and shipping cost didn’t make sense. Right now, I am just making them per request and as gifts. Thank goodness my inventory can’t go bad. It just grows bigger.

Hubby doesn’t say a word….I had this grand idea and it didn’t go as planned. I’ll just keep plugging away at what I still have and see what happens.

The above picture is of two 6 inch planters currently living in my family room until they go to their new home.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear that your internet store was not the success that you hoped. I think your planters are beautiful. I am pleased that your bank manager thinks so too!

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