Being Neighborly

The world we live in today, is not always a nice place. Kindness is not always shown and people can be cruel. There are few occasions and places in our lives that we can feel safe and trust those around us. One of those places should be the neighborhood that we live in.

We currently live in a great neighborhood. Our first house, not so much. It was located on a city lot. If we wanted to, we could reach out of our window and touch the neighboring house. The neighbors were close and you could hear everyone’s business. That of course meant that they could hear you.

Hubby and I saved our money to buy this lot. We wanted out of the city and we wanted space around us. We happened upon this area while visiting some friends. We liked it so much, we decided to scrape together everything we had, to put a down payment for an almost three acre lot. After several years we paid it off and started saving  to build our home.

We are out in the country. There are no sidewalks and the lots are quite big. Befriending your neighbor is not so easily done. We have lived here for eight years now and have gotten to know many. Most of our neighbors are on the older side. There are not many young children running around. Aside from that fact, we love our neighborhood.

Our uphill neighbor is an eye surgeon. I know his name. I know he is divorced. I know he has a very good lawn service that keeps his yard beautiful. That’s about it. We never see him and we are never bothered by him. He ranks “not bad” on the good neighbor scale.

Our downhill neighbors have two teenage daughters. These girls are the beloved babysitters of our family. They also take care of our animals when we vacation. Not only are they great babysitter; they are certified life guards. Really handy when we have parties. Their parents both work and keep very busy. They are always lend a helping hand and supply us with eggs their chickens have laid. These are the neighbors that Hubby put out their kitchen fire. That’s an amazing story I will have to share one day…. They are “excellent” neighbors.

Our across the street neighbors are an older couple. He owns the local bar and she is a school counselor. They have her ninety year old father, Mr. Al, who resides with them. He is a very active, retired science teacher. The children know that this is the house to go to in case of an emergency. Someone is always home and willing to help them out. “Mr. Owl”, as Mr. D calls him, is lots of fun and loves to talk about bugs and snakes. He has helped us out on several occasions getting the kids from the bus stop when I have been detained. He has even done some homework help when I have been stumped. Not to mention, he is always the first to buy anything the kids are selling as school fundraisers.

I like that the children have an opportunity to interact with someone from an older generation. They adore Mr. Owl and are always excited to see him. Now, our beloved Mr. Owl suffered a stroke this winter and has really slowed down. He no longer goes on his daily bike rides in which the children cheer him on. He instead, does a slow daily walk down the street and back with the help of his cane

Well, today Mr. D and I were cleaning out the flower pots that run along our front walk. The children bought flowers at the school garden shop for Mother’s Day and we were starting to plant them. With my head down, digging in the dirt, Nala starts barking. I look up and see a neighbor (“R”) from the end of the street taking his noon walk with his dog. I tell Nala to shush and I keep working. For some odd reason, I look up again and see “R” running a full sprint up the hill. That’s an odd sight, since this neighbor is not the running type. I look up the hill to see what he was running to.

Mr. Owl was laying in the road. I drop my gardening things and take off running too. I yell over my shoulder to Mr. D to stay in the yard and out of the street.

Mr. Owl had overdone his walk and took a fall. There was quite a lot of blood and he wasn’t moving. He sees us both running and calls out he is sorry for bothering us. You just have to love Mr. Owl!

“R” and I were able to get him sitting up and I did a quick scan. He had managed to scrape his hand and that was where all the blood was from. “R” runs back down the hill to Mr. Owl’s house to get his son-in-law. I am in the middle of the road propping him up in a sitting position hoping that a car wont hit us and yelling to Mr. D to bring me the roll of paper towels that I keep in the garage.

I see Mr. D hustling as fast as his little legs could go in his big clunky gardening boots. He first came back with Nala’s towel I use to wipe her feet. I send him back and tell him, paper towels! He comes back and manages to bring me ONE sheet, instead of the roll, but I could not complain. He had already run the hill twice and I wasn’t going to send him back.

Mr. D then quickly got on the ground with Mr. Owl and started talking. He made the comment to Mr. Owl that it looked like a shark had bit him and he was happy that he could be his “hero” and bring the paper towel to stop the blood. I hear a chuckle from Mr. Owl and I knew things would be OK. His son-in-law and “R” arrive in a car and the three of us managed to get him in.

Mr. D and I walked back home. I told him that he did a good thing for his friend and that Mr. Owl would feel better when he got a chance to rest. Mr. D nodded his head in agreement and ran off to search for worms in newly dug up flower pots.

Mr. Owl, a very dear neighbor, needed some help today. I am just glad that we were there for him when he needed us.



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4 responses to “Being Neighborly

  1. Mr Owl is blessed to have such good neighbors!

  2. Bless you. You are a lovely neighbor. I do hope Mr. Owl will not over exert himself in future. He was lucky not have broken anything.

    • He went in for some X-rays, thinking he might have broken his elbow. Lucky for him it was just a very bad bruise that needs lots of ice. All the blood was due to his blood thinners. His daughter has put her foot down on these solo walks. Maybe we’ll have to see if he wants some crazy walking partners.

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