Time is Flying

Time is just flying by. I look at my calendar and I realize that the weekend is here. My list of things that needed to be done never got done, laundry piling up, yard work being neglected, bills and paperwork just stacking up. I final got around to making the kids annual doctor appointments and getting Nala reservations to the doggie hotel while we go on vacation in July. I know I am a bit early on that one, but I don’t want to chance it and wait the last minute.

What has been keeping me busy this last week….. Well, I did manage to get my ten hour online parenting class and test done. Both of us passed. Hubby was not as interested in sitting the ten hours in front of the computer, so I helped him out when taking the test. I also managed to read the assigned book on international adoptions and pass “both of our” tests. This was the most depressing book ever! It spoke of every possible problem in detail. Ugh! I didn’t even bother him with the reading assignment. When all that was done, I then previewed our renewed home study and approved it.

It was a lot of busy work, but needed to be done. I was so glad the kids were in school, so that I could get through all of it.

Next step on the adoption front is to apply for the I-800a form. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing and no issue with this part of the paperwork.

I have also been doing a daily trip to my folks house. Trying to sit with my Mom a bit so that my Dad can get some errands done or just get out and work in his yard. You don’t realize how much time a daily visit takes out of your already busy schedule, until you start doing it. I have had to put a few things on the back burner and just let them sit for awhile.

The visits aren’t very long. Maybe an hour or two. But they are so emotionally draining. It’s not like we are talking or doing anything of importance. I just sit there and chit chat. Telling her stories of the kids or dog. Giving her some local gossip. She sometimes responds and sometimes not. Her current obsession is about what to drink. She just keeps focused on that topic. This is to sweet, to dry, to bubbly, to cold, to hot, doesn’t taste good, and on and on. We just want her to drink and she is focused on the taste.

Tomorrow my Dad needs to get somethings done around the house. I told him I would be over first thing in the morning. Hubby will have to start the weekend without me.

Sunday, Ms. A has a competition at a neighboring community college. It’s going to be a whole day affair. I can’t wait……

I’ll keep you posted on the dance result and if I find anything to quench my Mom’s thirst.


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