I can’t hear you!

Mr. D has very sensitive ears. Movies, live shows, fireworks, concerts, or anything of that sort use to be a melt down waiting to happen. I remember being at a kid’s concert with three year old Mr. D on my lap with my hands covering his ears and eyes during the entire show…. And it seemed like every event and activity we did as a family, involved noises that were just to loud.  It took me awhile, but I finally discovered a solution….


Last year Hubby went all out on a fireworks display for an end of the summer party. He actually has fireworks for all our parties. This usually caused Mr.D to run for cover in the house. However, he really wanted to stay out with the big kids. The turmoil it caused him just broke my heart.  I then remembered Hubby’s ear muff for when he rides his lawn tractor. They worked like a charm.

To bad they were oversized for an adult and smelled like gasoline.

In preparation for our Disney trip this summer, plus the beginning of fireworks season, I decided to get him his very own. They are black, non smelly, not to obvious, and a perfect fit. These ear muffs will allow him to enjoy all the activities we do, without the stress of hearing the loud noises.

If only everything would be so simple to solve.



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2 responses to “I can’t hear you!

  1. They are great! Where did you get them? I have. Similarly sensitive-eared child.

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