Oh my, it’s green!

Why is it, every time a beautiful holiday weekend approaches I wake up to find this.


The money pit…oh, I mean the pool…..decided to grow some algae. It has the beautiful hue of Mt. Dew. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to drink Mt. Dew, but not swim in it. An 8 am call to my favorite pool guy and problem solved. At least I think. He diagnosed the issue over the phone, saving us a service call and a hefty fee. We have an algae problem, yellow algae to be specific. Pool guy gave me clear directions on how to solve the problem and a list of products to purchase. You have to love guys like that!

Since the pool store didn’t open till ten, I quickly dug in my laundry room for some Clorox and dumped two jugs in, to get the sanitizing started. I then started up the robot pool cleaner and pool filter. Still in my night gown, I began the tedious task of brushing down the sides.

At ten, Mr. D and I, headed off to the pool store with our water sample and a list of things I needed to purchase. The first store, yes first, did not have the chemicals I needed. They attempted to sell me some other products and I was sooo tempted, but I refused and left empty handed. We then map quested a second pool store and headed out on a road trip for pool chemicals.

Two hours later, I was able to get all the needed products and start working. Literally it was like a science project gone bad. I had to raise the PH with soda ash. Don’t ask me why or how. I just followed the directions given to me…..The pool turned cloudy grey before my very eyes. Then I needed to wait thirty minutes to add this product called Yellow Out. It had tons of warning labels on it, so I was a bit nervous. I sprinkled in two pounds of it and then had to wait five minutes. At exactly five minutes, I then threw in two pounds of shock.

My pool started foaming. It was amazing to watch. I hoped that this was the desired effect, because there was no stopping it now!

Three hours later…..


I still need to brush the sides down, vacuum the bottom, and do two more shock treatments…but I think I solved it…..I better have…..we are having a huge pool party on Sunday and people expect water to look blue.


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