She loves horses!

Our new Saturday morning routine…


Riding our bikes down the street to Ms. A’s first job. Yes, she got herself a job. A non paying one of course. Ms. A introduced herself to our new neighbor. She was taking her horse for a ride down our street and Ms. A concocted a plan. My clever daughter worked out a deal with this wonderful lady. She would come work in her barn and learn how to take care of her horses in exchange for lessons. Her new teacher has three teenage boys who show no interest in horses, so she was game.

Not bad for a ten year old.

Ms. A has taken riding lessons before at the local barn, but never saw the work and responsibility involved with owning a horse. Not only is there a huge cost involved with horse ownership, it’s a lot of work. Lots of dirty work. And if she puts the effort in, she gets the reward of riding.

Hubby and I agreed with the plan and the deal was made.



Blueberry and Wilbur are two beautiful horses….and every Saturday they will get some extra love from a horse crazy girl.


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