Oh, the teacher gift!

School is out for Mr. D.

He, of course, gifted his two teachers with some planters he had planted. They were happy to receive them and they turned out nice. He picked out blue planter dishes, his favorite color, and selected the “scariest” looking plants in the greenhouse. I guess it beats getting teacher mugs and “apple” stuff every year.

Ms. A has a few more days still to go. So, in preparation for the last day, I asked her if she was interested in giving her teacher a gift. You never know when kids will start thinking that it’s not the cool thing to do anymore. She said yes and asked me to find a stuffed hippo for her teacher. I looked at her like she was crazy. First off, where would I find a stuffed hippo and why would I purchase a gift when there are racks of potential gifts sitting in the greenhouse. She then tells me that her teacher doesn’t do plants. I questioned her, since her assigned teacher is the science teacher. Ms. A insisted that her teacher has killed her Christmas planter and she did not want her teacher to be responsible for the death of another innocent plant.

A bit dramatic I thought, but it was her teacher.

I told her that she then needed to go to the gift closet….yes, I have a closet that has a stockpile of gifts. You know, the things you find on super sale and are kind of generic in nature. I once had a great deal on travel mugs and it seemed like everyone got a mug that Christmas. Currently there is a large selection of Yankee Candles. I hit a huge sale with coupon and buy one get one free deal.

In conclusion, Ms. A will be gifting an apple candle to her teacher. I cringe at the apple theme, but at least it is a great smelling candle.




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2 responses to “Oh, the teacher gift!

  1. sleuthsisters

    Good teacher gifts is a lot of pressure!

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