Paperwork, ugh!

I have been up to my eyeballs in paperwork. But it’s the kind of paperwork that you can’t just sit down and crank it out. No, it’s the type you need to get a signature, or notarized, or a specific original copy of something that you need to dig for……It’s that kind of paperwork.

I finally got my I-800a forms done and all the other required information copied that needs to go along with it, and lets not forget the money order. My passport finally came in the mail…phew! So now I can start on my visa applications for China, one for each person in the family…. They look like tons of fun. Thank goodness they are at least in English.

Since I have the workbook open, I thought I would share one of the list that was included. I find some of the items outdated and I can use my IPhone and knock off a couple things from the list.

Adult Items:
Bug Spray
Calling card
Cameras, film, batteries, chargers
Lead-lined film bag
Portable alarm clock
Hand-held tape recorder
Voltage converter
Sturdy walking shoes
Portable umbrella
Slippers or flip flops
Money belt
1 day pack, 1 diaper bag
Dish/laundry soap
Clothes pins
Neck support
Saline nasal spray, eye drops
Hand cleaner
Wet naps
Powdered Gatorade
Prescription medicines
Small first aid kit
Imodium, cold medicine, pepto bismol, Tylenol
Can opener
Ziploc bags
Comfort foods
Gifts for care givers

This is the first list in the workbook. They have a list of all the documents that you need, all the baby things, a list of all the money you need to pay while there, a list of vaccinations you must have, and luggage requirements.

Although this list looks extensive, I feel it’s lacking some important information. For example…do I bother bringing my own shampoo and soap or does the hotel provide? What about toilet paper? I have heard that they don’t provide any. What do they really mean by comfort food?

I think this requires a call to the agency for some clarification.

I would love any hints or advice if you have any. Just post them in the comment section. Thanks!



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4 responses to “Paperwork, ugh!

  1. One step nearer! You have to wonder about some of the things on that list!

  2. Don’t worry, we’ll go over all this in detail. It will involve some tears and much wine.

    It’s definitely an outdated list, ie. lead film bag. Who still uses rolls of film?! You will want a camera though. Don’t just plan on using your phone. You can never get those moments back so you want a ton of pictures. Let Alexis man the camera maybe.

    Yes, bring your own shampoo, you may not get it there and if you do you won’t like it. When you’re taveling around during the day you will want a roll of toilet paper in the diaper bag with you b/c the public restrooms will NOT have it. Pack 2 rolls in the suitcase and if you need any more you can “borrow” it from the hotel. You’ll also want small bills for tips and bartering for stuff. I got like $40 singles, and about $200 in 5s and 10s, along with the rest of the cash I brought.

    Deep breaths.


    • Gwenael

      You know I am going to be all worked up about the toliet paper and bathroom situation. I think I’ll just cry if I have a squat potty as my only option.

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