Keep the family safe!

I read a daily blog called China Adopt Talk. It tells of any rumors of matching, gives predictions of time lines, speaks of concerns parents might encounter, and adoption related topics. Well, one of the recent post was keeping your family technology safe. Not per say with the equipment we use, but how we put our information out for all to view. She, the Rumor Queen, explained how she kept her family safe and how information could be gathered from you without your knowing.

This made me look at how I was handling my information. Let me put a disclaimer out that I have only been doing this “technology thing” for about a year. It all started with Hubby upgrading my college flip cell phone (used for emergencies only, 19$ monthly plan) to an iPhone 4.

Why such a high upgrade you ask…. This single phone was able to replace my flip video camera, small purse digital camera, and cell phone. I was also able to put all my contacts and our family calendar that links to the “cloud”, so no more carrying around my Franklin Planner. Plus it does a lot more amazing things, but I’ll save that for a later blog.

My purse is a lot lighter now.

Back to the security subject….I am on facebook and I post regularly. I keep my security settings high, but that doesn’t mean anything. First off, I have learned never to post a “before” thing. I only post after the fact.

I had a great day at the zoo with the kids. VS Can’t wait to spend the day at the zoo.

Second, I never post a picture of another child or adult without specifically asking permission. The same goes for tagging a picture. It bothers me when I see my kids on someone’s page or tagged on photos that I didn’t agree to. I have been known to remove the tag or photo, but who knows who has already seen it.

I had recently a business page linked to my personal page, but I found the security lacking and was not sure of who could access this. Photos of my planters were getting “liked” by people I didn’t know and were not my “friends”. This lead me to disabling that business page. I am currently questioning the whole Facebook thing, but it enables me to keep all my friends informed about what we are doing. Kind of a double edge sword.

Now moving on to my website My Little Green Thumb, I have taken it down. I saw how dangerous it was to connect the business website to the blog. Mind you, the blog’s original purpose was to talk about plants, but as we see I like to talk about a bunch more than just plants. I had my full name, contact information, location, and a business license. All thing required to run an Internet business. It scared me when I googled my name and found everything out in the open. I then did the same kind of search for each of the kids. Mr. D is good, but he had not been involved in things. Ms. A was quite different. There she was on my computer search. She was linked to scout events that got in the paper, dance competitions, and some school class list posted not by the school, but by room moms. That was worrisome. It makes me rethink the waivers we sign for photo releases.

I make a point in not using their names, specific places, and try to keep things generic. I actually make a point of never using anyone’s name when I blog. I was even told I should never show my children’s faces. However, the whole point of blogging, is to document their lives and the things they do. Out of town family can keep up with what’s going on and see how they grow. I am so busy, that being able to post our family doings helps me remember them and leaves no one out of the loop. There is such a fine line that you must tread and sometimes I am clearly off of it.

Supposedly even the pictures you post have some sort of code that tells the location. Really?…

So with this elevated concern about safety I will be much more careful about details in my post. Our family trips and adoption trip will be posted after the fact. Along with anything the kids do.



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8 responses to “Keep the family safe!

  1. You can never be too careful these days!

  2. When I first started blogging, I worried about how much to tell, what to show, etc. Rick and I talked about it and we agreed that we wouldn’t give out specifics on where we live (“Texas” is pretty broad). We all have pretty common names, so I’m not too worried about someone finding us that way, either. That being said, we decided a few pictures wouldn’t hurt. Maybe they will. I don’t know. But my favorite thing about blogging is sharing with the people that read along. I won’t hand out my address, but I enjoy letting people in otherwise.

    • Gwenael

      I am in agreement! We live in such a scary world and I sometimes want to put the kids in a bubble to protect them…..but then they wouldn’t get to experience life….

  3. And our website isn’t searchable. Jim has it blocked so no one knows about it unless I share the site!

  4. Wise advice. Make sure you password protect your phone.

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