Last day of School!

We are getting ready for the last day of school and the last week of dance classes. Ms. A brought home an overflowing backpack from school today. All the treasures she hoarded in her locker and desk were promptly dumped on the kitchen island. I just cringed when I saw the state of her belongings.

I had the same pencil case and lunch box my entire elementary career. I took so much pride in my school supplies and everything was tidy and neat. Ms. A is proudly known as the messiest girl in the class. I told her that there in absolutely no pride in that title. Her school supplies are down to stumps and mismatched set of utensils. Each start of the year we pain stakingly label each item in hopes that they would last the school year. I have brided her with rewards if her supplies could make it through the year. I have also threatened her with no supplies for the following year if things don’t make it through. Neither way worked, I have tried everything…..

She is her father’s daughter. She is like a walking tornado. When she comes home there is a trail of belongings that literally fall off of her like a trail of breadcrumbs. Her room is a collection of “treasures”. Everything she gets, she starts collecting. I have tried to keep her organized. We do mandatory throw-outs. I give her containers and shelves, but you can only put so many “things” in a 10 by 12 room.

Oh well, I just keep showing her the way to tidiness and hope one day it will stick….

Anyway, back to the preparations for the last day. Most of her supplies are back home and tomorrow they need to bring a throwaway lunch, so no need for her bag. We already gave the bus driver her gift……I absolutely love this lady. Not only did she change our bus stop, she picks the kids up at the end of our driveway. We use to have to walk a quarter mile to the bus stop at the end of our road. Not an easy task to do with Mr. D “refusals to go to school” tantrums. She has gone above and beyond, by having a stuffed animal waiting for Mr. D when he got on the bus. This gave him something to look forward to and she would rotate her collection. He never knew who he would get to play with for the ride. She would rarely be absent. Thank goodness, because the first time he refused to get on the bus for a stranger. She then worked out a plan for these rare occasions and the sub would know his routine and keep it. Needless to say, she made life a little easier, so we always give her a thank you gift. Lucky for me she likes plants!

Now Ms. A gave her school teacher a candle today and tomorrow will be the gift day for her three dance instructors and the teenage helpers. The dance instructors will get…..




….Big surprise, planters. The teenage helpers are getting gift bags full of candy. Ms. A informed me in the nicest way….teenagers don’t like plants.

I agreed and candy it was.



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