Online shopping!

You won’t believe what I just bought online. No, its nothing bad or naughty. Its something fun for me. Shopping online is just to simple to do. You do a few web searches, look for an online coupon, get your credit card number, and voila a purchase is made.

I bought myself…….A THREE WHEELED SCOOTER!

Sorry if I disappointed those out there with some wild and crazy imaginations.

Mr. D received a Kickboard for his birthday. I had done some serious research for this gift. I wanted to get him a toy that would let him work on his gross motor skills and a scooter was the perfect gift. He was using an old “hand me down princess one” that had three wheels, but it was getting to small. Hubby wanted him on something more boy appropriate, so I started looking. The two wheeled razor scooter that Ms. A has needs a high degree of balance and coordination. I knew I needed to stick with a three wheeled version. The scooters that you can find in the local stores had an age and weight restriction. I was having a difficult time finding one for “bigger kids.”

A little online searching and I found the Kickboard. It’s a huge hit. Any kid that comes over to play, usually is riding it. Now be warned, it’s not cheap. The cost is just over $100, but comes with free shipping. However, its well made, the kids love using it, and he will be able to get many years of use from it.

I have seen a drastic change with his balance and lower body strength from just our daily scoots up and down the driveway.

We are having so much fun making chalk streets and obstacle course with cones. Playing follow the leader and just scooting around the neighborhood. Mr. D can not ride a tricycle or bicycle due to the difficulty he has with the pedaling movement. The scooter is something he can do with his sister and friends.

Why did I need one for myself? I can’t use his because…..yep…the weight limit. I think the razor scooter will be a huge crash waiting for me to happen. So for safety reasons….I had to get one for my size. Plus Ms. A and her friends are more than welcome to borrow mine.

OK….I’ll admit the real reason…..they are so much FUN. I can’t let the kids have all the fun around here.

Mr. D and his very sought after red Maxi Kickboard.






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  1. sleuthsisters

    Where’s the picture of yours and is it pink?

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