Nala took me for a walk.


I started back on my walking routine.

During the fall I had a neighbor as a walking partner. I knew every morning she would be waiting for me, so I had no way to back out. Her work schedule changed and she was no longer available. My excuses started and the next thing I knew, my wonderful walking routine went to pot.

Nala was suppose to become my walking partner. At first she was to young to go on my lengthy wanderings. She then grew up and we were ready to go. We went to the dog trainer for group classes. That wasn’t very successful. Nala had some…..lets call it “attention issues”. We moved it up and had some private sessions. Yeah…..she wasn’t a good student. The trainer tried everything and finally gave in and fitted her for a “sensation harness”. It helped with the pulling, but she still “sled dogged” me around the neighborhood.

We practiced and practiced and she was finally getting the whole walking thing and then crazy Nala had the paw injury…..remember….the stitches…..the cast….the eating of the cast….then the boots.

So, she is all healed up. I am in need of a physical outlet. Let’s get back to our daily walks.

I got all my gear together. My good shoes, exercise clothes, hat….but wait….I also have the “belt”.


The “belt” is just that, a thick black belt that has clips to connect your leash. I have a bag on the side for my phone and poop bags (yes, that’s how responsible I am) and a clip for my citronella spray (we have lots of lose roaming dogs around). I can swing my arms and not have to hold her leash or any of my accessories. She is connected to me like an umbilical cord and is quite happy to lead the way.

I know….she should be at a heel…. I’ll work on that.

We did two loops around the neighborhood. We chased a squirrel, did a dead stop to look at some birds, got spooked by some garbage cans, barked at the cows, and almost jumped into a neighbor’s car.

Not bad for our first day.



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