Starting the summer with a bang!


We are in the middle of recital week. Ms. A has had length practices every day and this weekend is full of shows. What am I doing…well, I just can’t sit back and watch….Nope, I signed up for the wonderful job of “backstage mom”, helping out with the concession stand, and the raffle baskets.

If you have to be there, you might as well work….right?

Mr. D is being a great little brother. Our sitter is on vacation this week, so he has been along for the ride. He is not allowed with me in the back area because of the girls changing. This means he is “camping out.” I have been setting him up on a blanket in the backstage hallway. He has his picnic food, drinks, animal toys, and the iPad playing his favorite movies.

He is in the middle of the chaos, but safely tucked out of the way on his island blanket until Hubby picks him up after his work day. I have noticed that the older girls pat his head as they go on stage. The younger ones are usually watching his show while waiting for their turn on stage. Ms. A and her friends try to sneak some snacks.

It seems to be working well…phew!

When we get home, everyone is drained. We usually try to do a quick jump in the pool to refresh ourselves.


Yes, if you look past the kids you see the main pool is still green. We have been battling an algae problem, only to find out our copper cleaning system is the problem. It’s pumping out way to much copper causing the pool to tint green. Or at least that is the current train of thought.

I still am doing my daily mornings with my mom. Some days are better than others. I have been bouncing the kids around to friends all week long. It makes it hard being consistent with their schedule and activities, but our sitter will be back next week. She maintains their schedule so well. They get their chores done, schoolwork, and lots of play time.

In the evening we started a new routine. The kids and I SCOOTER down the street to visit and feed the cows.


I have found that a helmet is a must and that I really should not be on a scooter.  Lucky for me, Ms. A rides mine and I walk next to Mr. D with our bag of cow treats.  Nala is no longer allowed on these outings.  She has shown some “cow” issues.

Summer has started out with a bang.  Hopefully next week we can settle down into a manageable routine.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend!



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3 responses to “Starting the summer with a bang!

  1. What does one feed a cow?? Just wondering.

  2. I laughed at “cow issues” lol

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