Costume craziness!

I know you all have been on the edge of your seats, wondering how recital went. Dying to see those unbelievable expensive, but not crafted well costume. Yes, eighty bucks a pop for each one and they were still in need of bedazzling, tacking, and adjusting. We are slowly accumulating a large selection of dress up clothes that will never be worn again.

So with big hurrah…. pictures of the costumes Ms. A wore this year for recital.


This pretty red number was for her ballet class. They danced to the music of Sleeping Beauty.


This hot pink outfit was for her jazz class. They danced to the music of King Tut. Not sure how the outfit fit the theme, but it was very sparkly and showed up well on stage.


This was by far the craziest one of the entire recital. It was for her tap class and they danced to “Fireflies”. The head piece lit up. Then at one point during the dance they dimmed the lights and you just saw these floppy strands bouncing around. It was very…..lets say…..creative.

Overall, she had a great dance week and recital weekend. You could tell that she had a great time, because of the huge smile on her face when she performed. Hubby and I were very proud of all her hard work that she put in and of her wonderful performances.

She gets a week off from dance before she starts practice for Nationals in July. Then when she gets back, it starts all over with tryouts for the next year’s team.




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2 responses to “Costume craziness!

  1. What colorful costumes! Lovely!

  2. sleuthsisters

    I love the costumes. The last one is my favorite. Please don’t tell Sydney about all this stuff b/c I don’t think my nerves could take it. Maybe she can do something with Julia and YaYa Nell….lol….

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