Oh, how he loves creatures!

Mr. D did not have the pleasure of sitting through a three hour recital with Mommy and Daddy. He had the opportunity of spending some quality time with Papa Don. For some odd reason, Papa Don is always the first to offer to watch Mr. D on these recital days. Hmmm….I wonder why?

Well anyway, they planned a fun day of…..what else…. fishing. Yes, the guys went fishing and I am sure there was some ice cream involved. However, it was not all fun and fishing. Papa Don had a few errands to do and Mr. D got to go along for the ride. He needed to go to the local pond store for some supplies for his ornamental koi pond. Mr. D was in his element looking at all the fish, snails, and frogs.

Oh, did I say frogs…. Yep, frogs and tadpoles.

Guess what Papa Don purchased for Mr. D at the pond store. My little creature lover is now the proud owner of a bullfrog tadpole, frog, and one that is half way in-between.



When we picked him up after the recital, he proudly presented me his fishing bucket that contained his new friends.

Thanks Papa Don! (next year you are coming to the recital)

Of course, we couldn’t leave them in a bucket. We needed to build an appropriate frog habitat. Off to the pet store we went. A tank with lid, a bag of crickets, and some rocks and log from our yard became their new home.

One condition I placed on this new acquisition….they are not allowed in the house. So, our new friends are living on our covered deck. Nala has taken quite an interest in them, so Hubby has clipped the lid shut. You know… Just in case.

I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.



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3 responses to “Oh, how he loves creatures!

  1. sleuthsisters

    So tell me again how Papa Don’s “gift” made you have to run all over town getting stuff?! I’d return the favor ASAP. I’ll help you plot.

  2. Tall person kept frogs, including bullfrogs, for many years. He says be careful of the larger bullfrog and the smaller ones – bigger ones are known to eat small ones!

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