Adoption update for June

Rumor has it……China has done four days of work this month!

Our stats – Log in Date of September 22, 2006
China stats – matched till September 15, 2006

Only seven days of matching left. I can’t believe it!!!!!

If things keep going at this rate we could be matched in two months…August!!! I keep hoping we would have our baby by Christmas, but now I really think it might happen.

What do we still needs to do….. I need to get visa pictures taken of the family and send them and our paperwork to get our Chinese visas. We need to still have our fingerprints retaken for our 1-600 forms. We have to wait for them to assign us an appointment, so we wait. The kids are up to date on all their vaccines and needed shots. Hubby and I still need to get Hep A and Hep B series of shots. Of course, there is a shortage and we can’t seem to get them, so we wait.

Then we wait some more. I have heard that a lot of paperwork can only get done when you have been matched.

I have become a champion in waiting.



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8 responses to “Adoption update for June

  1. This certainly has been an exercise in patience! Good for you! Won’t be long now.

  2. I am so freakin’ excited I have butterflies in my stomache. I guess I should be starting my list of things I want you to pick up for me since Sydney needs some more Chinese outfits!!

  3. It will be worth the wait!

  4. Good luck! Hope things come through for you soon.

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