Babysitters are so much fun!

My kids love having a babysitter. Who doesn’t love to have a break from Mommy. This past week our normal teenage sitter was still on her family vacation, so one of my dearest friends volunteered to watch them all week while I was with my mom.

I have no sister by birth, I have two through marriage, and I have acquired a few sisters through some great friendships.

I don’t have a huge group of friends. I have a lot of acquaintances, but real friendships are a different matter all together. I can count on one hand all my good friends. Aunt Lori is a friend that is long standing. She and I met working in a locked down facility teaching children with mental health issues. I was teaching in the middle school unit and she was fresh out of college working as an aide in the elementary unit.

I am not sure what brought us together. I think at first it was because we were around the same age and then it became clear we had the same opinion about how to deal with the kids. We were never in the same classroom, but we dealt with many of the same children who were going through crisis. We spent hours tag teaming in the time out rooms, restraining kids to keep them safe, and just talking things out with them.

Working in such a stressful environment was not conducive to making friendships, but somehow it happened.

We started hanging out after work. We did fun things together on the weekend. She and hubby got along great. She was able to housesit for us and help us out with the dogs. She even got suckered into repainting our kitchen and family room. Naturally, when Ms. A was born, my dear friend Lori, became Aunt Lori.

Aunt Lori has been present at every big event in the children’s lives. I no longer work with her. She has moved on to teaching high school and coaching basketball. Yet even with our crazy schedules, we still are able to be there for each other.

So what did Aunt Lori do with the kids all week?

Well, they still did their morning chores and schoolwork, but they did a whole lot of fun things too.


They did some baking…yum!



They went to the school and played some basketball.


There was lots of swimming…….and can you believe it…..Mr.D final got up the courage to jump from the side of the pool. Yeah!!!!!

They ran some errands and did some shopping.  They even had the opportunity to go out for lunch.  What could possibly be the topper to this great week….They ended it with a special treat; going to the theater to watch “Brave” the movie.  (both kids really enjoyed it, they give it a thumbs up)


We get to pick our friends in this world. They are chosen and then held dear to our hearts. A friend may not be there everyday in your life, but they are there the days you really need them. Thanks Lori for being there and helping us out. The children are so lucky to have you and so am I.



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2 responses to “Babysitters are so much fun!

  1. Thank goodness for Lori!! And the kids are lucky she’s a fun Aunt!

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