Nala, the lifeguard.

Nala has picked up a new job title. Not one that I wanted her to have. It’s actually the last thing that I would have ever thought she would have been concerned about. She has become the pool lifeguard. This is a brand new behavior she has picked up and it just happens to coincide with Mr. D’s new found swimming courage.

What’s different with Mr. D’s swimming. He is now jumping off the side of the pool. No longer am I holding his hand or waiting to catch him. I don’t even have to be in the water anymore. I can now be lounging poolside while he just goes running up to the side and jumps in. Mind you, he makes a point of being in the shallow end, near the steps, and he never seems to go underwater. There are no huge cannon balls or fancy dives. He just plops in. Barely getting his hair wet and barely making any waves… steps…really small baby steps for our big swimmer.

I was so happy about this progress. He is starting to enjoy the pool and he is having fun in the water. I am starting to enjoy the pool as a relaxation spot. I can be poolside talking on the phone, reading a book, or just watching the kids. No longer do I have to be in the pool being splashed, climbed on, used as a jungle gym, or jumping platform.

I finally think I am getting my freedom and Nala starts acting up.



Mr.D swiming abilities is making her nervous. She was always good around the pool. We don’t allow her physically in the water, but she was allowed in the pool area. She usually found a bit of shade and would lie down to watch or try to steal one of the pool toys to start a game of chase.

No more…. She now paces back and forth. Leaning as far into the pool as possible to lick anyone she can reach. She will block Mr. D from jumping and even has grabbed at his clothing. Today, she even grabbed at a neighbor child when he was jumping in. Not good!

She has become so intense that she can no longer be in the pool area if we are swimming. I have tried to explain to her that she needs to let go. Mr. D is growing up and no longer her baby. I tell her that I am in charge and will keep everyone safe. She disagrees with me.

Nala is now only allowed to watch us from the deck. She is not happy about it.




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4 responses to “Nala, the lifeguard.

  1. Awww! Poor Nala! I’m sure she means well.

  2. Ok, she just looks pathetic in that last picture. Poor baby.

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