Register or not?

The question of the day… Should I do a baby registry or not? When I look around our storage room, I think no way. When I look in the nursery room closet, I think no way. But…..when I go into our local Toys R Us, I squeal with delight. Yes, I squeal. After six years of waiting, I am just a little baby crazy. Hubby has been keeping me at bay. Holding me back from going shopping, or at least he thinks that. I have to admit that there are several years of Christmas presents on the top shelf of my closet waiting for her arrival.

At one point, we thought the adoption and Mr.D would be happening at the same time. This resulted in me getting a second of every baby item. Yep, I have two high chairs, two pack & plays, two cribs, a double stroller, and tons of toys. I then have been blessed with a very generous “Shopping Buddy” who has passed down all her clothing from her daughter.

If I really had to look at what I needed versus wanted, it would be slim. I need a car seat. Although my ten year old seat is in great shape, I think for safety reasons it should be upgraded. I also need to look at bottles. There is such a huge variety available. I am concerned with the plastic of the bottles I have. I was even looking to switch to glass bottles…Still not sure about that, I’ll have to do some further research on that.

So…I am putting the question out there…register or not?



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3 responses to “Register or not?

  1. Hellooooo. No brainier. Register. It’s not just for you anyway. People want to celebrate with you. Everyone has been down thhe long road with you and having the baby sown owner and getting to shop for a present is fun for everyone. Even if people get you diapers and wipes, which you’ll need a ton off, or a gift card to Target for future needs!

    You’ll need 2 car seats, that’s 2 large purchases. I may have given you a few clothes…..ok a ton of clothes, but people will want to buy you some new little girl things. Remember, you haven’t had a little girl in about 10 years now.

    In conclusion the answer is yes.

  2. A fellow blogger mentioned once that there is an expiration date on car seats which can usually be found on the underside of the seat. I didn’t know that and was amazed to find one on the car seats that I’d bought for our grandchildren.

  3. Ok, darn auto correct and my neglecting to re-read. That’s baby shower, not sown owner. Geez. How do I shut this darn auto correct off?!

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