Adoption update for July

This is the week that the matches will be made. I am on pins and needles. We only have seven days to go. Will China do big numbers? Will it be this month?

I also keep plugging away on my paperwork. Our family used up all of our I-600 renewals, so we needed to switch to an I-800a form. This led to the extra forms, parenting classes, and what nots. Well, today I received a letter from Homeland Security stating that I need a Hague approved agency to review my home study. This is the same “base” home study that they have approved for the last six years and now it needs to have a special letter saying it is reviewed and approved by a Hague agency. I gave Homeland Security a call and let the officer in charge of our case know that we are working with a Hague approved agency. This, of course, doesn’t mean anything to them unless it’s on a certain form, accompanied by the letter they sent me. I explain to the officer that I will get that letter taken care of and then I asked if everything else looked alright. She proceeded to tell me she would not look at the file until I proved that it was reviewed and approved by a Hague agency. Sigh….

Hopefully, this will be worked out by the end of the week. I am trying to not worry. Things will work out. I just keep repeating that over and over.

Our agency also gave us a contact list of families that will be in our travel group. There are ten families in our log in group. Four of those have been in contact with us. These are people who we will forever be linked to. Our daughters will all be from the same orphanage. I hope that we can create these relationships for the sake of our girls.

Keeping my fingers crossed and holding my breath that everything works out….no worries…no worries…no worries



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2 responses to “Adoption update for July

  1. Odds are at least one of the families is going to be a pain in your butt and you’re going to want to lose their info as soon as you get home….lol….skype is a wonderful thing for this if people are farther away!

  2. I thought we jumped through hoops adopting our girls from the foster care system, but it seems you are jumping through flaming hoops to get all this done.
    I have been thinking of you these last couple of weeks.
    Hugs and kisses from across the ocean.

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