Adoption update for July part 2

The saga continues.

I now find out that our home study is not in compliance with Homeland Security. They will not move on with processing our paperwork until we completely redo our home study. For those that have done home studies, it is not an easy process.

We need medical exams on everyone in the family. That doesn’t sound to difficult, until you try to schedule an appointment. Our primary physician is booked until October. I then asked if we could see anyone in our practice. The first appointment available. The receptionist proceeded to tell me that if I were to do that, I need to also do paperwork to switch that doctor as our primary….So complicated for just a quick exam and a signature. I kept explain the situation, but was not making any head way with this woman. I almost started to cry on the phone. I then asked her if she could relay my dilemma to our Doctor and have him call me. I have been waiting by the phone all day, afraid to go anywhere in case they would call….

The office just called and will squeeze us in this Wednesday for me and next Wednesday for Hubby. Phew…..that is one thing down.

The next thing is to get three references. Preferable one being a teacher of one of our children. HELLO, it’s summer break. How am I suppose to do that? Plus, what fourth grade teacher has close interaction with parents well enough to write a reference letter. Not the ones we dealt with this past year. Instead I asked a church friend, a childhood friend, and one we met through the adoption process. I emailed them the guidelines of the reference letter. Yes, they sent me guidelines. I also told my friends that they must SEAL their letters up and mail them directly to my social worker. No peaking allowed.

The financial stuff I am leaving for Hubby. It’s like doing your tax return on crack. Sounds like fun! He also needs to have his boss write a letter on “company letter head” stating his position, salary, responsibilities, and his future in the company. I can’t wait to hear how that request goes.

So….I am just a tad bit STRESSED OUT !!!!!

What was the motto I said I needed to follow. Oh yeah, No Worries. Well, that’s out the window.

I have learned from this 6 year process that there is a huge period of waiting around and then there is mad frantic dash to get things done.

I hope I will have better news by the end of the week.



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11 responses to “Adoption update for July part 2

  1. I never realized there was so much involved in the adoption process! I hope all your efforts will soon be rewarded.

  2. No worries, I’ll be sure to put in my letter that you’ve beaten the crack addiction, Marc has stopped beating you in favor of alcohol as his soul mate, and that the kids have perfectly adjusted to their crate living……

    Seriously, it will all come together. Keep plugging away and knocking one thing off your list at a time. Your doctor fit you in, check. You ‘ll have your 3 letters this week, check. Hang in there. Love you.

  3. p.s. Kim the social worker doesn’t read this blog right?!

  4. So sorry to here about these complications. Fingers crossed for you!

  5. One day I’ll be able to share some good news.

  6. Oh no! The only up side of this is you will be so busy getting everything done (again!!) the time should fly past.
    Good luck with it all.

  7. I don’t know how I would have got all the paperwork done and appointments made if I wasn’t a teacher! This has been my full time job for the summer! I’m sorry to hear about the “glitch”. I hope that it is resolved and that you can move forward with the adoption.

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