Strawberries, peanut butter, and lots of Cheerios!

Let me start off with letting everyone one know that I am a NON COOK! The kitchen is a foreign world and I am a weary traveler. Hubby does all the main dinner cooking in our home. Yes, I know, I am a very lucky girl. Now don’t think I am totally helpless. I can make a rocking grilled cheese, waffles, omelets, and about five dinner meals. These I can completely cook on my own and are presentable to guests. I also make the assortment of cookies and cakes for the kids, but I confess they are semi home made. That is my repertoire, my comfort zone, and I stick to it.

So with that information in mind…..I looked into the fridge this morning to find an excess amount of strawberries. I mean, three large cartons on the verge of going bad. I then noticed we have two peanut butter jars that are open and I purchased the plain Cheerios versus the honey nut. ( You would have thought the world was ending. )

What to do?

I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to make a pie. With the strawberries of course.

My neighbor is an excellent cook. A “from scratch” kind of girl. A quick call to her and I had an easy to make strawberry pie recipe in my hands and lots of encouragement. I got a little nervous about making the entire pie from scratch, so I decided to cheat a little….Just a little.

Recipe in hand and kids in tow, I head off to the grocery store. The kids are in total awe, wondering what could have possible gotten over mommy.

I head straight to the baking section and select a pre made pie crust. What?… I swear I will do all the rest from scratch.

I quickly find the supplies that I need except for one.


I honesty never have heard of this product and was stumped were to find it in the store. I couldn’t find it in the baking section. I then headed to the salad dressing/oil section. Nope, not there. Ms. A then announced “It’s syrup, so would it be where the pancake stuff is?”

I was about to shush her so that I could think…hmmm, she might be on to something. Oh, let’s give it a try.

She was right…it was right next to the maple syrup.

Back at home we lay out the supplies and start the experiment. Ms. A dancing around the kitchen and Mr. D snacking on some cheese puffs watching us like a car wreck is about to happen. I finally made it to the stove to cook down the ingredients and had to ban Ms. A from the kitchen as she kept trying to spin and jump near the stove.


I managed to brown up the crust with some egg whites. Fancy, yes?! I then dumped everything into the crust. Maybe dump was not the correct term, but that’s how I did it. Then in the fidge it goes.


Since I am in the kitchen, we might as well keep going.

Ms. A got on the iPad and googled “treat with Cheerios”. Voila! A modified rice crispy treat recipe. But what to do with all this peanut butter? Another google search and a recipe for rice crispy treats with peanut butter. Sounds good, so we give it a try.


They smell great and they get a thumbs up from Ms. A.

Lets hope the pie is as successful!



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5 responses to “Strawberries, peanut butter, and lots of Cheerios!

  1. Good luck with the pie!
    Can you let me know where you found the cheerios/peanut butter recipe? For a while, Cheerios were all the rage in my house-both husband and son were consuming them. Then, after purchasing an economy-sized/family pack, my husband decided he was no longer in the mood. I hate to see them get stale, so I’d love to try your treats. Thanks!

  2. Maryann

    Way to go girl!!! Give you credit for being creative !Let us know what your husband says.Does MrD like the treats?

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