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25ish day count down!

Yes, I am official doing a DAYS count down. No longer is it years or even months. We are counting down days till our referral. Excitement is rising in our house. I left the new car seat that we purchased just sitting in the middle of the kitchen. Literally, in the middle of our traffic pattern. I can’t bear to see it go to the basement. At least, I won’t be the one to move it. It such a pleasant reminder of what will be coming soon.

We are now getting bombarded with more paperwork. I thought we were done with the majority, but not so. A huge packet arrived just as we finished redoing our home study to Hague standards. A lot of this can’t be filled out until we receive our referral, but I am getting familiar with it so that I will be able to fill them out when the time comes.

From what I understand about the adoption process with the new Hague Standards and Requirement, our time line might look like this.

1) receive our referral packet (see her little face for the first time)
2) accept our referral
3) receive our LOA (letter of acceptance)
3) send out LOA and a bunch of forms to Homeland Security
(2-3 weeks for approval)
4) send approval and a bunch of forms to adoption agency then to China
(3-4 weeks for approval)
5) get approval from China, get assignment of appointment times in China
(3-4 week for Travel approval)
6) adoption agency organizes travel arrangements to China
(4-5 weeks would travel to China)

It seems we might travel to China to be united with our daughter four months after we see her picture. If we get our referral at the end of September that would mean traveling in January. However there are some holidays that need to be put in consideration.

Anyhow, I am just going to keep it small and simple. I am just counting the days till we see her little face for the first time!!


I dear friend sent me this card. Just trying to keep it real!



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A vacation planter

I got back into my greenhouse today after a long hiatus. I really haven’t done any gardening with my planters this entire summer other than the occasional watering. My mom was a big supporter of my little business and she had great love for my plants. I kind of let it fall aside when I started sitting with her in the mornings. After she passed away I didn’t have it in me to do anything. I am ashamed to say that I didn’t even make anything for her funeral.

Today is the first time since June that I dug into my dirt barrel.

My dear friend came back from a summer vacation with a project for me to do. She purchased a natural sea sponge and wanted me to make a planter for her.


An interesting container to use I thought. I placed a coffee filter in the base, added soil, and started planting.


I am curious to see how it does. It has a unique look and she was pleased with the results.

It felt good getting my hands dirty again. I still have a huge inventory of pottery and several flats of succulents growing. Not sure what to do with them. I can’t let them just sit there. I better start working again.


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Adoption wait = Retail therapy

Since we had such a disappointing week with not being matched, I decided to do my first major purchase for the baby. I really do not need many things for her. Most of my baby gear is in great shape and we have a dear friend with a newly adopted daughter who keeps us current with everything else.

The one thing I did find that has an expiration date is the car seat. Our current car seats have never been in an accident, are in great shape, but they are ten years old. I was informed that they are “expired” and that new ones would need to be purchased.

With that information….a coupon of 25% off a new seat with a trade in of an old one….shopping we went. We were reintroduced to Baby’s R Us. A place we haven’t been in quite some time. We entered into the car seat department. Yes, I said department. There were three aisle just of car seats.


We looked and compare. The choices were overwhelming. We knew the basic features we wanted and it seemed that most of them had them. It made narrowing down the choices very difficult. What finally sealed the deal was the cup holders. We picked the only car seat that had two built in cup holders, plus all the needed safety features.


As I was walking out of the store with a car seat, I looked at my family and realized that this is really happening. She is really coming. Next month we will see her little face. It will be six years from our Log In Date and I will have the opportunity to once again be a mommy.



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Adoption Update for August

The numbers came out this week.

We missed being matched by one day.

China is up to September 21st.
We are logged in on September 22nd.

They only did two days of matching this month.

Sooooooo disappointed.

That’s all I can say.


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Boy = Bugs

Mr. D is always on the hunt. If he is in the yard, he has a bucket or his bug catcher with him. You see him digging and flipping rocks. Looking, oh so closely, in all the gross parts of our yard for some creatures to catch. It started with worms. It progressed to toads and frogs. I have put my foot down to catching snakes.

Today he found something rather interesting. It’s green and camouflages well….


He is always finding, catching, and bringing home little creatures. After several “incidents” he now understands that he can NOT bring anything he catches into the house. I have provided him with suitable holding pens on the back porch. We literally had our back porch lined with aquariums this summer.

In order to keep the numbers at bay, I instituted a house rule.


At the end of each week, he is required by Mommy to do a “creature release”. I give him some time with each creature for some final words, little pats, and portraits taken. We have had a few casualties, so we found that a week stay at our creature zoo was long enough. Today’s captured creature was in luck. Mr. D found it at Opa’s house and I refused to transport it home. Mr. D currently is in “big” discussions with Opa to get some tanks at his house to use.

Lucky for the creatures, the request at this time was denied.

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First day of fifth grade.

I cant believe how quickly the summer went. It seems like each one goes by faster and faster. Ms. A is now ten and in fifth grade. Today is her first day of school and she is so excited. Lets hope that this will always be the case!

We were able to visit her classroom on Monday. She met her homeroom teacher. She is a Ms and looks to young to have gone to college, much less be a teacher. Ms. A thinks she is pretty and that’s all that matters to her. I, on the other hand, have a different opinion. In fifth grade they switch teachers for the core subjects and all the other ones seem like veterans. Let’s hope for the best.

During this visit she was able to pick up her books to be covered. No using brown paper to cover books… Nope, it was requested to cover them in these spandex type covers. I do admit that they seem to stay on nicely and they come in a lovely array of colors and designs. She also set up her supplies in her desk. Each item carefully labeled with her name. We’ll see how long they last this year! The most important activity of the visit, decorating her locker.

You know… Mirror, photos of friends, shelving unit, air fresher, little basket to hold supplies, and a dry erase board to leave notes to friends. Ah, the life of a ten year old!

We got a quick run down of the rules and regulations. Found out about the advanced math program she placed in. And saw who she was sitting next to. Surrounded by boys, much to her chagrin.

Opa and our friend Nonny came to see her off on the bus this morning. I had my camera ready, but was asked to not to take a bus shot. You know, the cute picture of the kids climbing in the bus and looking over their shoulder and waving with a big smile.

“Soooo embarrassing Mom!”

They grow up so fast!





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Last day of Summer.

It was our last day of summer today.  The kids were pushing all of my buttons. They were into whatever the other was doing. Constantly arguing about the littlest things and it seemed like they couldn’t stop wrestling, annoying, and in general, bothering each other.

I had it! It was two o’clock and I was ready to blow my top. I was at the end of my rope and my throat hurt from yelling.  So…. I kicked them out of the house and into the yard until dinner. Ms. A was in tears. The drama was unbelievable. Mr. D yelled from the back porch that there was nothing to do. I gave them each a stern look and locked the screen door.

Nothing to do… These kids needed to be locked outside more often… Nothing to do my a–.

I went back to my endless piles of laundry watching and listen to what they were up to. After about half an hour of complaining and whinnying, they final found something to do.

I then hear some excited yells. I listen closer and what do I hear….
“Here is one for Oma!”
“This is a big one for Oma!”

Those little angels were blowing bubbles and sending them to Oma in Heaven.
I had to go out to watch. The were having so much fun together and just being so sweet.  Mr.D asked me if I thought Oma would like them. I just smiled and nodded my head.

Somedays I need a reminder of what and how a good mom should be.

Today, some bubbles did the job!





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