My Sharecropper is back!

Things have started to settle down a bit. The kids are back in a better sleep routine. We are eating meals at the appropriate time of the day. We are slowly getting ready for the return of our school schedule….Yeah!!

Our new routine has Opa, the sharecropper, coming over for dinner now. It is so nice to have him share our meals and the kids so enjoy seeing and spending time with him. With our almost daily visits, we get talking about my plans for the yard. This year the garden is a bust. We just couldn’t keep up with it. If we are lucky, we might get one harvest of beans and tomatoes. Everything else looks sketchy.

Opa then made mention that he would be able to help out on some of my other yard work since we are giving up on the garden. I jumped all over that statement and accepted his offer before the sentence even got a chance to leave his lips.

My current project….I have a HUGE pile of rocks at the end of my driveway that seems to be growing, instead of shrinking. Their original purpose was to extend our dry rock riverbed around our bog. Hubby has now learned to never allow me to order bulk yard material. One yard…two yards….a small dump truck load….. I thought the quantity I ordered would be the right amount….I was sooooo wrong.

I was able to finish the project with plenty to spare. Mr. D loves climbing on the pile and Ms. A loves sifting through it to find pretty rocks. Hubby is just tired of seeing it.

Future note to myself, a dump truck full of anything is a lot!

So…Opa and I looked around to see what we could do with all this rock. We decided to dig out all the plants and mulch beds that ran the length of the driveway and replace them with rock. This solved two issues. Every time it rained, I would have mulch wash down the driveway. Also, the beds near the garages would be saturated in salt during the winter with the snow pile from the plow. This made them do so poorly and look bad no matter what I would do.

We worked about two days and managed to finish the project…Of course, we have plenty of rock to spare.

While Opa was loading up his supplies in his car, I took a peek in the trunk of his car. It seemed like he was pulling things out of his car like Mary Poppins was from her carpet bag. Tools, clothes, shoes, you name it, he seemed to have it in the trunk.


It’s not often you see a spade next to a set of golf clubs. I guess you have to be prepared for whatever the day has in stored for you.


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  1. Was he a boy scout? Do they have boy scouts in Belgium? If he gets bored at your house remind him I am only 40 minutes away and he might be able to hop on the 7th hole when he’s done and steal a round of golf….

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