I love school supplies!

Is it the teacher in me or just my excitement of school starting?

I just love to shop for school supplies! I scan the flyers, look for sales, and stock up on good deals. I am giddy walking through Target, seeing all the displays set up.

Ms. A has a list that is sent home at the end of the year for the next school year. It’s a purchase order to buy a prepackage kit that has everything they need. The first time I saw this, I was aghast. Thats no fun at all! I, of course, cut the list out and purchase everything on my own. The one problem with this method….. you think you have everything covered, but after the first few days of school (when all the sales are done) they come home with a request of more required items. I try to think/guess what might be needed, but that usually means a stock pile of supplies in the closet that don’t get used.

Now poor Mr. D has a dull list for preschool. Two boxes of Kleenex, two soap pumps, and two rolls of paper towel. Not at all exciting…. No wonder the kid is blah about the start of school.

So how do I get my school supply fix……Lucky for me, Hubby sponsors an inner city school where his company is located. One of the things they do is provide backpacks full of supplies for the kids in need.


Hubby brings home the list each year and we go shopping and then we start assembling. Ms. A is responsible for putting together five backpacks since she is going into 5th grade. The only thing that is slowing her up this year, is trying to color coordinate the items. I keep telling her to make them gender neutral…she’s not listening.

Back in the days when I was in school, I don’t recall getting supplies each year. My parents were very frugal and I was a very responsible little kid. I didn’t lose supplies. I reused and reused, until things were worn out.

When I taught, ALL of my students lived under the poverty line. My first year teaching, I was naive enough to send out a supply list. What a reality check for me when nothing came in. From that point on in my career, I would supply everything for my class. It made for a tight budget when we were newly married, but Hubby always supported the cause. This is were I saw first hand the joy it brought to the kids when receiving new supplies. It was a great way for my class to start the year off positively.

Ms. A and Mr. D are very spoiled…we all know that….I take full blame for it….. With this in mind, I try to teach them about how blessed we are and how it is important to help others. Putting together backpacks is an annual ritual we have done since Ms. A started school. We put time and effort into picking out the best items, items that we would want to use ourselves. Ms. A then writes a good luck note for each backpack and puts a fun surprise in with the supplies.

This is our back to school family tradition. It’s good to help someone start the school year off on the right foot. It also helps us remember to be thankful for everything we have!



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6 responses to “I love school supplies!

  1. I used to love to go shopping for supplies for myself. Can’t wait to do it for Sydney. I love that Miss A puts notes in the backpacks!

  2. What a very thoughtful thing to do! Nice work!

  3. I’m dreading my school supply shopping!! I’ll have 1 1st grader and 2 2nd graders (that’s kinda funny) and the lists for each is insane! I literally have to supply 72 PENCILS and 72 GLUE STICKS! (total, for all three, but still!!) That’s just the worst of it lol

    OH!! By the way!! You need to go to zulily.com! Keens are on sale until Monday!!!! Up to 60% off. I’m hoping they still have some tomorrow (since that’s when payday is)!

    • Thanks for the heads up. I could use a new pair of keens for next summer!

      • Hubby and I each grabbed a pair of the regular shoe kind. I had a hard time picking just one pair, but this was bad timing for us!
        I wish I could guess what size my boys will be next spring/summer, but no way to know. One kid hasn’t had his feet grow at all in almost a year, so I’m guessing he’s about due for a growth spurt. The middle kiddo’s feet never *stop* growing, it seems!

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