Goofing around is frowned on!

Mr. D is trying something new….Tae Kwon Do!

I found a deal on an intro package which included four classes and a uniform for under forty dollars. I was looking for something just for him to do and this seemed like it could help him with his balance, gross motor skills, and his focus. I spoke to the instructor about his limitations and about what I was hoping for him to get out of the class. He then explained that this would be a wonderful experience and that adaptations would be made to help him be successful.


Mr. D was a little nervous about going. We got there early so he could check it out and watch the earlier class. When he got presented with his uniform and saw kids his size, he started to get excited.

He loved his first class!

It was so much fun to watch four little guys getting introduced to Martial Arts. The two instructors were great and kept the class moving from one activity to the next. It was a total of thirty minutes and he was nice and sweaty with a big grin on his face when he was done.

So when Thursday came around, he was ready to go to class number two. He was very excited and from the moment he woke he was asking when class would start.


I think he was a little over excited and he got a tad bit wound up. There was a different instructor and he had a different way of running the class. Things started going down hill when I heard the instructor sternly tell Mr. D they would not move to the next activity until he did a sit-up. Poor kid has never done one in his life. He wasn’t able to do it and the instructor was become more stern with him. I think he thought Mr. D was being difficult, but he physically doesn’t have the muscle tone to do it. I was almost ready to walk into the gym and say something, but they finally moved on to something else.

I was hoping that the rest of the class would be better, but I was wrong. Mr. D was still excited and started to get silly with the other boys.

“There is no goofing around in class!”

“Yes Sir!”

Like these little guys know what that even means. Sigh….

He was not a happy camper leaving class. The instructor escorted him out and before he could even start speaking to me, I started into him. I told him that I explained to the Tuesday instructor about his low tone and physical issues. I then stated we would work on some of the activities he was having trouble with and that I would speak to Mr. D about “not goofing around.” The instructor just nodded and walked away.

I was fuming…. it always seems like there are problems when we try activities. I thought I had handled it. I thought we were on the same page. I should have know better when I saw a new instructor. It’s like déjà vu….gymnastics, soccer, skiing…. I would finally find an instructor that worked great with him and the next week they would be gone. Argh!!!!

I am an advocate for my son. I try my best to get everyone to understand what “his deal” is. I want him to have a positive experience, to have fun, and to feel successful in the activities he does. What parent doesn’t want this.

Tuesday is class number three. I will speak to whoever is teaching to make sure we have a good class. In the mean time, the kids and I are doing sit-ups, push ups, and stretches every morning to be prepared.

Mama Bear is on high alert!



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2 responses to “Goofing around is frowned on!

  1. Well done, Mr D! At least he is giving it a try. That’s great!

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