A week on my phone.

Here is a photo a friend just sent me of the kids when she took them on a nature hike. They went to the local nature realm and like any prepared mom, she pulled out some birdseed from her purse. They were told to be quiet and still and voila…. the birds came!

We took a field trip to the Cleveland Science Center. They had a wonderful frog exhibit. Mr. D even brought along his magnifying glass. We also played in the hands on area, saw a science show, and watch an omnimax movie about the Arctic.

There was a great view of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I have no interest in going, but I also am not a huge music fan.

We also had a view of one of Hubby’s power plants.

Mr. D had an appointment to have his orthotics rebuilt. He doesn’t mind going because they always give a foam impression box to play with.

We took a trip to the Akron Zoo. It was community day and they gave out free tickets. We just missed the exhibit time of the baby snow leopards, but I am sure we will catch them next time.

It was really overcast on our zoo trip, but all the animals were out and about.

Ms. A is official in women’s shoes with a size seven. She was in heaven when I told her to go at it at the clearance racks at DSW. She found a cute pair of Merrell lightweight sneakers and these black boots. Not sure what that was all about, but they were 13 dollars, so I told her OK.

That’s the randomness of my week. You have to love camera phones!


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  1. Maryann

    thanks for the pics.They were cute.Hope you’re feeling better today.

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