World’s best Sandbox!


Yes, I would like to claim the the trophy for World’s Best Sandbox!!!

Why do I get to claim this prestigious award? Well it all starts like this…..

Hubby had a high school reunion of sorts this weekend. He had about twelve high school buddies meet up for golf, softball, water basketball, lots of food, and a try at the new casino. Our house was the central hub and it was a fun and busy weekend. Those that came from out of town crashed at our house. Nala got sent to doggie camp and I took the kids to live with Opa. That meant the house was for the boys. I had made up all the beds and all the extra beds, yet I still found bodies in sleeping bags all over the floors.

So how does this rambling description of the house being crashed have anything to do with this award.

Well it was told to me by several of my guests, so I claimed it! I do so much love awards!

And how did we get such an awesome sandbox. Well, that would be all me. I had requested a sandbox for the kids to play in, but it needed to be bigger so that WE could all fit. Yes, it’s my fault. I like to play in sand. So yes, I asked Hubby to build me a sandbox that would fit an adult.

The result of my request…

Hubby made this sandbox out of the old tires of a front loader from work. I found that you can ask for these tires at truck tire centers and they will be happy to give you your pick and even deliver. It saves them the cost of recycling.

The huge effort was to split them open due to their steel belting. He ended up using a wheel grinder to cut through. After several hours, a few choice words, a couple of grinding disc, and a promise from me that I would ever request a project like this again. It was done!

He had to cut through one side completely and just the edges on the opposite side to get them to open up. He then lag bolted them together and built benches at each cut section. (I like to play in the sand, not sit in it.) He used left over composite material from our deck, so no worries about splinters. He drilled an umbrella stand in one bench to help hold the umbrella in place. The next step was to line the box with thick rubber pond liner. We placed a layer of river rock on the bottom for drainage and then a fabric barrier on top of that to keep the sand separate. The last thing was the sand. He purchase several yards of builder/construction sand. I had heard that playground sand could cause abrasion if it got into your eye. Plus construction sand sticks well and makes a great sandcastle. (be warned it doesn’t brush off as easy, we always have a bucket on hand for clean up) In the beginning I use to cover it with a tarp, but I found the sand would become moldy. Instead, we just let it be. We have had no issue with the sand quality or with cats.

We love our sandbox and it’s always a hit with all the kids, including me!


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