First day of fifth grade.

I cant believe how quickly the summer went. It seems like each one goes by faster and faster. Ms. A is now ten and in fifth grade. Today is her first day of school and she is so excited. Lets hope that this will always be the case!

We were able to visit her classroom on Monday. She met her homeroom teacher. She is a Ms and looks to young to have gone to college, much less be a teacher. Ms. A thinks she is pretty and that’s all that matters to her. I, on the other hand, have a different opinion. In fifth grade they switch teachers for the core subjects and all the other ones seem like veterans. Let’s hope for the best.

During this visit she was able to pick up her books to be covered. No using brown paper to cover books… Nope, it was requested to cover them in these spandex type covers. I do admit that they seem to stay on nicely and they come in a lovely array of colors and designs. She also set up her supplies in her desk. Each item carefully labeled with her name. We’ll see how long they last this year! The most important activity of the visit, decorating her locker.

You know… Mirror, photos of friends, shelving unit, air fresher, little basket to hold supplies, and a dry erase board to leave notes to friends. Ah, the life of a ten year old!

We got a quick run down of the rules and regulations. Found out about the advanced math program she placed in. And saw who she was sitting next to. Surrounded by boys, much to her chagrin.

Opa and our friend Nonny came to see her off on the bus this morning. I had my camera ready, but was asked to not to take a bus shot. You know, the cute picture of the kids climbing in the bus and looking over their shoulder and waving with a big smile.

“Soooo embarrassing Mom!”

They grow up so fast!






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