Last day of Summer.

It was our last day of summer today.  The kids were pushing all of my buttons. They were into whatever the other was doing. Constantly arguing about the littlest things and it seemed like they couldn’t stop wrestling, annoying, and in general, bothering each other.

I had it! It was two o’clock and I was ready to blow my top. I was at the end of my rope and my throat hurt from yelling.  So…. I kicked them out of the house and into the yard until dinner. Ms. A was in tears. The drama was unbelievable. Mr. D yelled from the back porch that there was nothing to do. I gave them each a stern look and locked the screen door.

Nothing to do… These kids needed to be locked outside more often… Nothing to do my a–.

I went back to my endless piles of laundry watching and listen to what they were up to. After about half an hour of complaining and whinnying, they final found something to do.

I then hear some excited yells. I listen closer and what do I hear….
“Here is one for Oma!”
“This is a big one for Oma!”

Those little angels were blowing bubbles and sending them to Oma in Heaven.
I had to go out to watch. The were having so much fun together and just being so sweet.  Mr.D asked me if I thought Oma would like them. I just smiled and nodded my head.

Somedays I need a reminder of what and how a good mom should be.

Today, some bubbles did the job!






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3 responses to “Last day of Summer.

  1. coolkidzcooltrips

    I really liked the article as today is my grandma’s 80th birthday and she’s too far away for me to visit. But we managed to wake her up this morning to wish her all the best:)

  2. Maryann

    Nice blog and cute too.Your’eright, sometimes it’s the small events that remind us as mothers to be grateful.ABSOLUTELY,the years pass quicker than one thinks.

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