Boy = Bugs

Mr. D is always on the hunt. If he is in the yard, he has a bucket or his bug catcher with him. You see him digging and flipping rocks. Looking, oh so closely, in all the gross parts of our yard for some creatures to catch. It started with worms. It progressed to toads and frogs. I have put my foot down to catching snakes.

Today he found something rather interesting. It’s green and camouflages well….


He is always finding, catching, and bringing home little creatures. After several “incidents” he now understands that he can NOT bring anything he catches into the house. I have provided him with suitable holding pens on the back porch. We literally had our back porch lined with aquariums this summer.

In order to keep the numbers at bay, I instituted a house rule.


At the end of each week, he is required by Mommy to do a “creature release”. I give him some time with each creature for some final words, little pats, and portraits taken. We have had a few casualties, so we found that a week stay at our creature zoo was long enough. Today’s captured creature was in luck. Mr. D found it at Opa’s house and I refused to transport it home. Mr. D currently is in “big” discussions with Opa to get some tanks at his house to use.

Lucky for the creatures, the request at this time was denied.


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