Adoption wait = Retail therapy

Since we had such a disappointing week with not being matched, I decided to do my first major purchase for the baby. I really do not need many things for her. Most of my baby gear is in great shape and we have a dear friend with a newly adopted daughter who keeps us current with everything else.

The one thing I did find that has an expiration date is the car seat. Our current car seats have never been in an accident, are in great shape, but they are ten years old. I was informed that they are “expired” and that new ones would need to be purchased.

With that information….a coupon of 25% off a new seat with a trade in of an old one….shopping we went. We were reintroduced to Baby’s R Us. A place we haven’t been in quite some time. We entered into the car seat department. Yes, I said department. There were three aisle just of car seats.


We looked and compare. The choices were overwhelming. We knew the basic features we wanted and it seemed that most of them had them. It made narrowing down the choices very difficult. What finally sealed the deal was the cup holders. We picked the only car seat that had two built in cup holders, plus all the needed safety features.


As I was walking out of the store with a car seat, I looked at my family and realized that this is really happening. She is really coming. Next month we will see her little face. It will be six years from our Log In Date and I will have the opportunity to once again be a mommy.




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2 responses to “Adoption wait = Retail therapy

  1. Maryann

    The sponge planter is a really unique idea.Gives me food for thought. You did a very nice job.

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