25ish day count down!

Yes, I am official doing a DAYS count down. No longer is it years or even months. We are counting down days till our referral. Excitement is rising in our house. I left the new car seat that we purchased just sitting in the middle of the kitchen. Literally, in the middle of our traffic pattern. I can’t bear to see it go to the basement. At least, I won’t be the one to move it. It such a pleasant reminder of what will be coming soon.

We are now getting bombarded with more paperwork. I thought we were done with the majority, but not so. A huge packet arrived just as we finished redoing our home study to Hague standards. A lot of this can’t be filled out until we receive our referral, but I am getting familiar with it so that I will be able to fill them out when the time comes.

From what I understand about the adoption process with the new Hague Standards and Requirement, our time line might look like this.

1) receive our referral packet (see her little face for the first time)
2) accept our referral
3) receive our LOA (letter of acceptance)
3) send out LOA and a bunch of forms to Homeland Security
(2-3 weeks for approval)
4) send approval and a bunch of forms to adoption agency then to China
(3-4 weeks for approval)
5) get approval from China, get assignment of appointment times in China
(3-4 week for Travel approval)
6) adoption agency organizes travel arrangements to China
(4-5 weeks would travel to China)

It seems we might travel to China to be united with our daughter four months after we see her picture. If we get our referral at the end of September that would mean traveling in January. However there are some holidays that need to be put in consideration.

Anyhow, I am just going to keep it small and simple. I am just counting the days till we see her little face for the first time!!


I dear friend sent me this card. Just trying to keep it real!



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4 responses to “25ish day count down!

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I really had no clue what was involved with international adoption.
    And one more thing-don’t trip over that car seat!

  2. I remember the feeling of waiting for that first picture. Ours came on a Saturday morning and the lovely post lady wanted to chat. I just wanted to snatch the envelope from her and rip it open in private. Lol.x

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