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Puppy love!

Oh, how we love puppies! At least everyone living with me does.


She is such a cute little German Shepard! She is seven weeks old and looks like a little bear who makes cute little grunting noises


Don’t the children look so happy together! Don’t you want to say “yes” to their requests, just to see and feel that joy!


What does Nala think about this little puppy? I think her expressing tells you exactly what she thinks of this puppy.



Thank goodness she just came for a visit.


That’s all I need on my plate right now, a puppy….. She sure is cute though…hmmm


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Sleep/Streak Walking

He is at it again, with a new twist.

Yes, my boy is streaking while sleep walking. This occurred not once, but twice last night. Not only was he clothes-less, he managed to make a shamble of his room in the process. I found his clothes everywhere upstairs. He had rummaged around in his dresser and pulled out most of them. He then put them in all sorts of places. I found some in the sink, tub, toy basket, on the landing, and under his desk. The topper to this….he put his clothes that he was wearing in the laundry basket.

Not only did he manage to do this with stealth like quietness, he did it all in the dark. One might think he is just being naughty. But this is so the opposite. I am amazed about this whole thing. For a boy who is scared of the dark and tromps around like an elephant, him managed just fine.

We have changed the door locks from flip bolts to keyed bolts to contain him in the house. We have installed a baby gate at the top of the stairs, but that only works if we remember to close it. Lastly, we have an alarm that notifies us if any door is opened and which one.

I thought I saw a pattern of …if he gets over tired…we see sleepwalking. That is no longer so. This little man is keeping us on our toes. Hubby final decided to camp out in his room on the trundle bed, so that we could all sleep a bit easier.

With our trip to China just around the corner, we need to get a better grip on this situation.



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Happy Birthday Nala!

Happy birthday Nala. You are two years old today and you know what that means. You are no longer a puppy. No more excuse for jumping on visitors, knocking over little people, counter surfing, chewing on my beloved plants, destroying stuffies that were not picked up, and all that other stuff you do.


You have been the thorn in my side since Hubby decided to get you. I don’t do puppies I told him. I love rescuing older dogs. You know what you are dealing with when getting an older dog, but an exception was made for you.

You have used my clean floors as your personal potty way to many times, stolen to many dinners off the counters, dragged me through the neighborhood chasing squirrels, and failed both sessions of obedience training. I have been at my whits end on more than one occasion with you. I even will admit that I threatened the family with your return to the breeder, if they did not step up and help with you.


However, today you have turned two. The magic number for dogs to become good. You are starting to show this “good” dog trait. We can leave you out at night to sleep, no more crating. I no longer fear for my belongings when we leave you alone for a few minutes. You haven’t had an accident in the house for quite some time. You now ring a bell to let us know when you need to go. You actual sit when we ask you to. You respond to your name. What a relief! You play so well with the children. You let us know when people arrive and calm down quickly after greeting them.


I have to admit you are becoming a good girl. I enjoy hearing your clickity clack nails following me wherever I go. I like how you listen so intently to the stories I tell you, even if it’s because I am holding your food dish.

Nala you are good company and you make us feel safe.

Happy Birthday to our favorite Rhodesian Ridgeback. May we celebrate many more years to come.



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Post by email

Testing my posting ability via email. China blocks WordPress and I am trying to find a way to work around it, so that we can post while we are traveling.

Hubby doing paperwork.

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Special delivery!

Today is the scheduled day of our paperwork arrival, via Fed Ex. I cleared the day of all my appointments and activities, so that I would be home…. The only thing that required me to leave the house was transporting Mr.D to and from school.

With that in mind, I decided to write a note for the delivery person in hopes that it would work if I missed him.

I taped it to my front door and went to buckle Mr.D and his frogs into the car.

Yes, I said frogs. It was
“bring a wild creature to school” day and he was so happy about it.

Just a little side note about the frogs…There were huge discussions about how to transport his frogs. I nicked the bucket idea when I saw how jumpy they were and his tank was just to heavy to carry into school. I caved in and bought a small creature travel carrier. I have a feeling it won’t be the last time I transport “wild creatures” in my car.
So….for this much anticipated day, he had been collecting the frogs out of the pool. Of course a new one was found today, but I put my foot down on trying to catch him in our limited time constraints.

Anyhow… I just came from dropping Mr.D and his frogs off and I see a truck in the driveway. I quickly pull in to block it from leaving. Yes, I am currently a bit crazy. And run to the door with my camera.

He just laughed at the request.

Now I need to get started on some of the final paperwork!



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Our little Dragon

All I can say is YAHOO!!!!

I can’t believe the time is come. We haven’t received our LOA packet. It is still being translated, so I thought I would fill you in on what we know so far.

She was born on March 18, 2012. That makes her just six months and two days. Not that I am counting. Since she is born in 2012, that’s the year of the dragon. So….she is now our little dragon!

She is currently at the Social Welfare Institute of Yifeng County, in the Jiangxi Province.


That is the pink province in the south, near the coast. Hubby did a little research and found it to be very agricultural. Producing the majority of rice, watermelons, and pumpkins for China.

The “institute” was reviewed to be clean and orderly. They have the children housed on one side of the campus and senior citizens on the other.


Her Chinese given name is Yi Lu. When we looked it up, it was defined as journey. I thought that was very relevant, for it was a long journey to reach her. We plan on keeping that as her middle name. However, for all you blog followers she will be known as “little dragon.”

Thank you for all the kind words through this unbelievable process!

All our love….The Little Green Thumb Family


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The best phone call ever!

Totally out of the blue. Not even on my mind. Almost didn’t answer the phone. Glad I did!

It’s a girl!

She is six months old!

I never thought I could fall in love with a picture.

I have!



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