Adoption update for September

We are still counting down the days until our referral will arrive. Could be 20 ish… China has been posting matches on average every thirty days. That would lead me to believe this matching will occur the third week of this month. That’s if they do any matches and if they stay with the pattern of every thirty days. I have learned from this six year wait that once you see and understand a pattern, things change up. Let’s hope that things don’t change up for this month.

So….what have I accomplished while counting down the days.

Well, you all know about the purchase of the car seat. And yes, it is still sitting in the middle of the kitchen. I find it amusing that no one makes a fuss about a huge box taking up valuable floor space, they just works around it. Currently, there is a few pool towels draped on it and a pair of my sunglasses.

I did some little purchases since. I spent some time in our local craft store going up and down the aisle. It was almost like I was looking for something to buy…I couldn’t let my coupon go to waste, right? I happened upon an assortment of wide elastic knitted headbands that you can clip flowers and bows to. They also had a knitted hat version. They were adorable and I had to have them. I got one of each in pink, purple, and white with matching oversized flowers.

I managed to schedule some house maintenance appointments. Finally got that ice maker working. I just have to have ice in my drinks and I was going through quite a withdrawal.

I am elbow deep in yard work trying to finish odds and ends. Still have that pile of rocks at the end of the driveway. I do have a plan for them, but I am just not as motivated to move wheelbarrows of rocks across my yard as I was when I ordered them. Possible a yard boy in my future?

My major accomplishment was to pick out new carpet for the upstairs hall and master bedroom. It will be getting installed tomorrow. I haven’t told him yet, but Hubby and I get to move all our bedroom furniture out first thing tomorrow morning. What fun!

Lastly, we got official approval of our home study from homeland security! Yes, I hear angels singing!!!! We officially have the green light to proceed with our paperworks when the referral arrives.

Oh, and let’s not forget…. Hubby, Ms. A, and I got all our needed vaccinations.

Hep A, Hep B, Typhoid, Chicken Pox, Polio, MMR, and DPT. Ms. A lucked out and only need Typhoid. Hubby and I each got two arms full. We had to sit through a very informative meeting with the “travel” nurse at the health department. She gave us very detailed instructions and sent us out the door with several prescriptions for “just in case.”

Yes, I have been keeping myself crazy busy. The kids are getting into their school and activity routines and the days are flying by…..which is just fine by me!


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  1. We CANNOT wait to see HER picture.

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