There are no “little” projects!

How is it that every little project we do turns into some huge project that requires multiply runs to Lowes and several weekends to complete.

I am not sure what happened yesterday, but all I know is this is what I came home to.


Yes, that is the stairway leading to upstairs and yes, some stairs are missing.

I had scheduled the hallway, stairway, and master bedroom carpets to be replaced. Hubby mentioned that when they get to the stairs, see if they can do anything about the squeaks. I don’t mind the squeaks. No one can ever sneak upstairs without hitting one.

I relayed Hubby’s request to the carpet guys. “No problem” they say. Just a few well placed screws and that should take care of it. They started ripping the carpet off and this is what they found.



Multiple risers had cracked all the way through and were starting to bow. Next he shows me how the stair treads did not even connect with the next riser. Huge gaps, no wonder they squeaked. I asked if he could fix this. He proceeded to tell me he is just a “carpet guy”.

I give Hubby a call and send him an email with the pictures. I then tell the guys not to carpet the steps until I can get them repaired.

Hubby came home from work while I was organizing the kids to leave for evening activities. He congratulated me on my decision to stop the work and said that he could fix it. I don’t doubt his skills, but it makes me nervous when he starts pulling out the big power tools to work on an important part of our house.

I leave for an hour and come back to missing steps.

Umm….whats the plan I ask him. He tells me not to worry, it will be fixed this weekend.

So…I have missing steps…..a swim party after school today with ten little girls……and a dog and a small boy who keep rolling their toys under them.



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  1. Mr. B

    Nothing like being a homeowner! Mr. B

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