Raining on our swim party.

Normally a little rain is no big deal when you swim, but when it thunders everyone has to get out of the pool.

Ms. A had invited ten of her friends over after school to swim. I had done some weather forecasting on Wednesday night and gave her the green light to have her gathering for this Friday. She made it all official by making invitations and passing them out in school. When I asked her when she would see the girls, she said lunch time. I could see this could be a problem and I gave her a quick run down of how to be discrete, so no hurt feeling would occur.

With invitation stealthily passed out and RSVPs coming in, it looked for a good party.

Friday morning I gave the pool an extra good scrubbing, laid out all the chair cushions, and inflated all the floats. It was hot and the sun was blazing. Great day for swimming!

3 o’clock rolls around and I am getting ready to go pick up the kids from school. As I pull out the drive I see black clouds roll in. You know, the really scary ones that look like they are pushing through the sky. Oh no!

It’s now four o’clock and thunder is rumbling and I have ten “crazy to swim” girls in my house. (still missing the first two steps on our stairway) Their excited talking/yelling was escalating. Poor Nala didn’t know what was going on and for her sanity and safety, I put her in her crate. I sent the rest of them to the basement to play.

Opa came to the rescue of Mr. D and then quickly left me to deal with the girls. After a few yells down the steps to “stay out of the furnace room” and “no, they could not drink the soda in the fridge”….I gave a quick and desperate call to Hubby to ask if he could leave work a tad early to pick up the pizza. He could hear the “joyful noises” over the phone and laughed.

Lucky for me the girls finally found something to do. They got into all of Ms. A’s dance costume, cranked up the music, and did some crazy dancing.


Just as our basement was starting to smell like a stinky locker room, the weather broke. No more thundering just a light drizzle.

Who wants to swim in the rain?


They managed to get some swimming in, eat pizza, and burn off all that energy. The last girls left around nine and I am sure each one of them will sleep well.


I am not a good weather forecaster, but I did handle an indoor swim party like a champ! A little to well, Ms. A has already made up her invite list for next week….


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  1. Sounds brilliant – I love the picture of all the girls in dance costumes!

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