Special delivery!

Today is the scheduled day of our paperwork arrival, via Fed Ex. I cleared the day of all my appointments and activities, so that I would be home…. The only thing that required me to leave the house was transporting Mr.D to and from school.

With that in mind, I decided to write a note for the delivery person in hopes that it would work if I missed him.

I taped it to my front door and went to buckle Mr.D and his frogs into the car.

Yes, I said frogs. It was
“bring a wild creature to school” day and he was so happy about it.

Just a little side note about the frogs…There were huge discussions about how to transport his frogs. I nicked the bucket idea when I saw how jumpy they were and his tank was just to heavy to carry into school. I caved in and bought a small creature travel carrier. I have a feeling it won’t be the last time I transport “wild creatures” in my car.
So….for this much anticipated day, he had been collecting the frogs out of the pool. Of course a new one was found today, but I put my foot down on trying to catch him in our limited time constraints.

Anyhow… I just came from dropping Mr.D and his frogs off and I see a truck in the driveway. I quickly pull in to block it from leaving. Yes, I am currently a bit crazy. And run to the door with my camera.

He just laughed at the request.

Now I need to get started on some of the final paperwork!




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12 responses to “Special delivery!

  1. Maryann

    What a cute picture of all three children!JUlia is definitely a cutie.Gees, Gw,I expected you to be a lot more excited! Ha,ha.Haveyou started packing yet?

  2. I have to admit I do have some thing already laid out in the nursery.

  3. Wow! Everything is moving along now!

  4. I love that you took a picture of the delivery guy. And especially that he indulged your request. Every step closer to your new addition is a moment to treasure. Can’t blame you for wanting to document it.

  5. Lori

    Umm…Love…and soooo excited the Fed Ex man stayed for the picture! Made me almost tear up!

  6. Reading your blog today the other side of the world has given me the hope and strength I need to continue with our torturous wait for our referral. We are logged in May 2007! You seem as fun loving and crazy as me with your zest for life! What beautiful children you have- the photo of all three together just says it all! So happy and delighted for you- thank you for cheering me up this morning when I needed it!

    • Sam, my thoughts are with you. After reading your comment I was brought to tears. I pray that your wait will be quick. I pray for your patience to last. I pray that you are surrounded by those you love. I wiil be thinking of you each month when I see the matches.

  7. Now that was a special delivery! Great pics!

  8. COngrats! She is Beautiful!!

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