Sleep/Streak Walking

He is at it again, with a new twist.

Yes, my boy is streaking while sleep walking. This occurred not once, but twice last night. Not only was he clothes-less, he managed to make a shamble of his room in the process. I found his clothes everywhere upstairs. He had rummaged around in his dresser and pulled out most of them. He then put them in all sorts of places. I found some in the sink, tub, toy basket, on the landing, and under his desk. The topper to this….he put his clothes that he was wearing in the laundry basket.

Not only did he manage to do this with stealth like quietness, he did it all in the dark. One might think he is just being naughty. But this is so the opposite. I am amazed about this whole thing. For a boy who is scared of the dark and tromps around like an elephant, him managed just fine.

We have changed the door locks from flip bolts to keyed bolts to contain him in the house. We have installed a baby gate at the top of the stairs, but that only works if we remember to close it. Lastly, we have an alarm that notifies us if any door is opened and which one.

I thought I saw a pattern of …if he gets over tired…we see sleepwalking. That is no longer so. This little man is keeping us on our toes. Hubby final decided to camp out in his room on the trundle bed, so that we could all sleep a bit easier.

With our trip to China just around the corner, we need to get a better grip on this situation.




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4 responses to “Sleep/Streak Walking

  1. That must be very worrying for you but I imagine he will grow out of it eventually.

  2. Phew. For a minute there I thought Marc was naked sleepwalking and was going to say there goes the neighborhood.

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