Getting ready for Halloween!

My number one goal lately……trying to keep myself busy while waiting for papers to process. Hoping and wishing for a quick turn around and a trip to China before the year’s end. The waiting is insane!!!!

So, what do I do…. I start with a huge fall cleaning. Taking down all the screens and washing the windows. I am ashamed to say, this is the first time they have seen soap and water since we moved in, eight years ago….poor neglected windows. There was the closets that got reorganized. All the summer clothes put away and winter ones pulled out and size checked. The nursery got tidied up again..and then once more. I pulled out clothes that might fit our Little Dragon and put away some that would be to small. Finally, after much persistence, Mr. D and I decided to decorate the house for Halloween. I started telling him about the previous years and then the photos came out. I found these gems and thought I would share.



Mr. D’s first Halloween as a little tiger and Ms. A is of course a princess.





Year two…I was creative and made him a mouse and her a cat. Notice, he was quite a load and not walking yet.

Oh, the themes get even better. The next year he was Yoda and she was an attempt at a Star Wars princess.

Last year they couldn’t agree on what to be that would match, so Mr. D was a tiger and Ms. A a Greek goddess.

This year…


He wants to be an alien spider…yeah, not sure what that is. I did manage to make a hat that he likes. Ms. A wants to be a gypsy. I spent some time and money making her a cute costume…which she shot down the minute she tried it on. I told her that’s all I have and she is on her own.

Oh, it’s starting already!

Hope everyone has a safe and candy filled month of October.


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  1. OMG they are so stinking cute. It’s hard to believe he was that little. Can’t wait for trick or treating this year! Sydney is excited to be a zebra.

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