Count down till China!

We finally got our 1-800 approval. I have never been so happy to see a letter from the government than I was then.


Hubby ran to the Fed Ex office to overnight it to our adoption agency in Philadelphia. They will then send it to their contact person in China, who will walk it into the consulate to get the visas. That person then will pick it up in two weeks and send that paperwork plus Dragon’s visa to Beijing. It will be processed and assigned an appointment time. This should take two weeks also….

So now we are up to four weeks. We will get a travel approval from China and then our adoption agency can organize our travel arrangements. That should take another two weeks….we are up to six weeks.

I can give an educated guess that we will be traveling in 6-8 weeks. Depending upon appointment times, closures for holidays, and flights.

This will be a great beginning of the New Year, with our daughter finally in our arms.



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2 responses to “Count down till China!

  1. Jim

    Yay! Now everything should fall right in place!

  2. sleuthsisters

    Amazing! Can’t wait to see her home in her own little room. Sydney is so excited.

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