Destination Wedding!

We have just returned from a wonderful Fall vacation to the Florida Keys. Just as “Sandy” was at full force and putting us without power, I was packing up. We crossed our fingers that the airports would reopen in time for our flight. Lucky for us, they did and it was smooth flying to Florida. It was nice to get away from the awful weather, but the main reason was to celebrate the wedding of Hubby’s dearest college friend. Hubby had the honor of being best man and Mr. D was the ring bearer.




We kept ourselves busy with wedding set up. Hubby and I had the pleasure of building the Hoopa, lighting all the railings and dock, and setting up the chairs and tables. It wasn’t all work, we managed to squeeze in some fun.


We attempted to ride around the resort “Hawks Cay”, but didn’t last very long. A four man bike with only two people to reach the pedals is impossible to push. We gave up after ten minutes and pushed it back to the rental area.


The kids had some hands on with the local dolphins. We signed up for the dolphin experience. What amazing animals and to see them up close and touch them was a tad scary. I had some reservations about supporting any program that held these beautiful animals captive. We were informed they were born in captivity and could not survive on their own. I still was on the fence, but the children were over the moon! They made it very educational and focused on conservation.


There was plenty of opportunities for swimming and playing in the water. The resort had a protected lagoon, several swimming pools, and an awesome pirate ship to play in. The kids had a great time hunting for snails, finding crabs, attempting to catch tiny lizards, spotting iguanas, and looking at all the fish.


Since the groom is a vet, we had an opportunity to visit a turtle rescue. Mr. D was in heaven looking at all the tanks. I couldn’t get over the difficulties these endangered animals faced.

Of course, the whole reason why we were there, the wedding! It was a beautiful location right on the ocean and there was wonderful weather.




We had a great time, but back to reality….. I spent the whole day doing laundry, going through mail, and getting back on schedule. Our next big trip will be to China. I think we are all ready for it!


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  1. This looks like an awesome place to vacation! Totally jealous. Not about the mounds of laundry though.

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