November adoption update

It’s official… I am done with ALL the paperwork. It is being hand delivered to the consulate in China today. It will be picked up in two weeks with an approval. Next stop… Beijing processing and travel date assigned.

That will take anywhere from nine days to four weeks.

I will assume four weeks…

What does that mean…

Absolutely nothing….

Keep your fingers crossed!



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6 responses to “November adoption update

  1. So happy for you!! I know exactly how that feels: so close and yet so far away!! Enjoy China–It was emotional and hard for us since our toddler was very attached to her foster mom and cried for days. However, she’s here at home now–safe and sound–and has become an extremely happy little girl. China is an amazing country and our visit only whet our appetite for more–we’ll definitely travel back there when Isabel is old enough to understand!! Best wishes to you and your family!!

  2. It means that you will be going to China in less than 60 days, holy cow and yeahhhhhhh.

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