Mommy break!

Was sent on a mommy break this weekend!


Drove down to Columbus to do a little shopping and give myself a much needed breather. For some odd reason I am a tad stressed out….. Hmm, I wonder what that’s all about! A destination wedding, a couples baby shower hosted in our home, and waiting on Visa paperwork…..

Hubby sent me away and told me to have some fruity drinks and relax.

We, girls, hit some fine shopping down here in Easton. I was in heaven in Tiffany’s. Although its just a fraction of the New York store and I made no purchases there…..Those little blue boxes and all the Christmas lights and music can really get a girl into the shopping mood. Next was Louis Vuitton… I had a good laugh pricing out a diaper bag at ….1,200 dollars…yeah right. I will take a second look now when I see people carrying those purses.

I basically got nothing purchased off my Christmas list, but I did find some fabulous shoes.


The car was packed to the brim and I was happy to come home to the family. Monday I woke up with a sore throat and the aftermath of leaving Hubby in charge for the weekend!

So much for mommy breaks.


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  1. Mommies need breaks now and then and as long as the kids are alive when we get home it’s ok! Had a blast!

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