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She likes to accessorize!

That’s my girl!



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Gotcha Day Video

Here is the first time we saw our Dragon. She was such a trooper and never cried. You can also see our much loved facilitator Echo in the background. We found that Dragon loves to look around and watch things. She is not sitting up yet and is not grasping or attempting to hold toys. She loves to suck her two fingers and loves to rough house and be tickled by Hubby.

She refused to eat the entire first day and was running a slight fever. We were given her schedule and learned that she only takes bottles with a mixture of formula and rice cereal. We put her down between us in the bed and she slept from 10pm until 5 am. When she woke up she finally drank 8 oz bottle. What a relief.

Overall, it has been a very manageable first few hours with our Dragon!

Sending you all well wishes for a Happy New Year!


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Here she is!

They gave us a 30 minute break from the paperwork…

Here is our little dragon!


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Getting ready!

Here I am about to meet my youngest daughter in less than an hour! Packing up my knitted scarves for nanny gifts.

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Traveling to Nanchang

Started off early with a one hour trip to the Beijing airport. We arrived with a translator who purchased our tickets and walked us to security. Security was an interesting experience. We complain about the TSA. That’s nothing compared to the pat down I received. When we got on the plane and we were clearly the minority. Ms. A was getting some major looks. The flight was rough and toward the end we had group calesthatics to promote good health.

When we arrived in Nanchang I experienced my first squatty potty. Oh, fun.

Our new facilitator meet us and gave us the news that the babies would only becoming the next morning. We were disappointed, but it did give us time to settle in. Our hotel provided us with a crib, stroller, and baby bathtub.

We had a chance to walk the streets and go to a local market to buy water and any needed supplies. The WiFi is a bit sketchy, so posting is a bit challenging.

Today, the babies arrive in less then three hours and we are getting organized. The directions are to meet in the conference room at 10:20 and be ready to do lots of paperwork.

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Day two…Great Wall

Day two of our adoption journey has arrived and we meet up with two other adoptive families. This time we were off to the Great Wall of China which was a little over an hour ride from Beijing. On our way there, the bus driver stopped at a jade state run factory. We were given a tour of their facility and a well done presentation of the different types of jade from China. Of course, it all ended with a sales clerk shadowing you in the showroom. Dion advised us that since it was state run, the product was real, but there was little bartering room. I did find a beautiful heirloom quality bracelet that I plan on passing down to little Dragon and we did manage to negotiate the price. Ms. A must have been paying attention. She had her eye on a little jade horse, being born the year of the horse. The price was 42 dollars and she offered 30 and they accepted. We adults, were so pleased for her!

Back in the minibus to the Great Wall we went. The temperatures were in the teens and there was a bitter wind. We were given an option. The easy path or the steep one with the view.

We took the steep one with the view. The steps were treacherous. They were icy, worn into groves, and at all different heights. We did reach a point in our climb that had a switchback path that you could use to come down.

We were so happy to see our van at the end of the trail. After a warm drive back to town we found ourselves at another authentic restaurant. Pork meatballs, lamb, dumplings, and other dishes were presented to us. This time we were given a tasting of “desserts”. One looked like pizza dough with onion bits and the other was fried dough balls with a white dipping sauce. All I can say is…I would be to my ideal weight if these were my only choices of dessert.

The next stop was the Olympic Park. Nothing much to say about this, other than it looks exactly like what we saw on T.V.

We needed some warming up, so Dion took us to a tea house to learn about different types of tea, the proper way to prepare and drink it, and sampling the six most common ones. By the end, I felt like I cured all my ailments and drank a vat of potpourri. We once again ended in a gift shop with a clerk following just inches behind.

The evening plan was to see a Kung Fu Show, but we had some time to kill. We walk through a typical Houtan looking down the different alley ways, checking out the different shops who sell things like donkey meat and stinky tofu.

The Kung Fu show was new to Dion and he had no idea about it. When the staged filled with actors in panda suits, I had a bad feeling. It turned out to be a kids show demonstrating the different types of Kung Fu through the story line of two traveling pandas.. Yeah, that’s an hour of my life I can never get back. At least Hubby got a nap in.

Dion wanted to take us out to dinner, but I pleaded exhaustion and he had mercy on us. He insisted on getting some food for us and brought us to a Western style bakery were we picked up some croissants. We were back at the hotel around seven and crashed for the night.

Tomorrow is the big day. We head for the airport around 8:30 and fly to Nanchang. Little Dragon will be brought to our room at 4 pm.


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The adventures of a ten year old at the Great Wall

Day two
Posted by Ms. A

Today we went to the Great Wall. I thought it was amazing. There were so many steps to climb! The steps were also worn down and covered in ice! So I started climbing, soon I got way ahead of my parents! My dad quit halfway up because his hip hurt, but me and mom kept climbing! When we reached the first guard tower we decided to take some pictures. We only went a little farther after that until we decided to go back. After we took pictures and were about to go down I heard my name! I turned to where the sound came from, it was my dad! Then we went down the short cut and left the wall. Next we had lunch and then we went to a jade factory where we learned all about jade and surprisingly it ended in a jade store. My mom bought a bracelet and I bought a little jade horse. Next we went to a tea place. All the tea was gross except the last one which was really sweet!! Afterwords we went to a Kung fu exhibition. We should’ve known it was for little kids when people dressed up as pandas break danced Gangnam style! It was about two pandas that liked Kung fu and traveled to the city of Beijing and met friendly people that were actually Kung fu masters! Yeah, it was really bad! Then we went back to the hotel knowing that tomorrow my sister will be in our arms.

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